FLATULENCE….A REASON TO DIE?…..zuki smells of lavender

loser-laughingGood Morning Crepitates,

I read an article concerning a young man’s arrest in Bristol, CT for stabbing six fellow revelers; killing one while wounding the others all for teasing him about farting at a party. Bristol, CT is also the home of ESPN and couldn’t help but wonder if that had anything to do with it but couldn’t find a common link.

This loony couldn’t take a joke and left in a huff later returning to teach them all a lesson! This immediately brought to mind one of our own, who among other nefarious deeds has mastered the art of farting on demand. Let’s face it; odious flatulence has been well documented on this forum, so I’ll leave stories of lethal gas to our noxious friend.

It’s the reaction of being ridiculed by drunkards that fascinates me. I have a theory about this. If one is able to dig into the past of all lash-back killings I’m sure you’ll find similarities. First and foremost, each has been ridiculed and/or beaten by their peers throughout school and their formative years, teaching them to trust no one.

One incident after another year after year tends to have an accumulative effect. A snide comment here, laughing while pointing fingers there, and before one can see it coming there’s an explosion. The person snaps!

Taking it to the point of actually killing someone obviously denotes severe social deficiencies leaving us with the likes Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Dave Berkowitz (Son of Sam), and the Unabomber! Their seething hatred for all mankind has physically transformed them into mutant sub-human monstrosities incapable of emotional discernment. I fear for one of our own and his potential for morphing into such a beast.

I suspect all of us have on occasion laughed at someone simply for how they looked or the clothes they wore, humiliating an acquaintance or even a stranger. I’m just as certain the two or three of you reading this taunting have also been the butt of such derision.

Most of us can absorb these things and not take it personally and even laugh with everyone else. But there are those who are incapable of such equilibrium and internalize every insult, joke, and mockery thus lighting a fuse.

Just as “Frank-the-Shank” now resides in a ‘cotton box’ I fear our good friend ‘Cush’ is quickly deteriorating, slipping into the dark side of life’s rich pageant from constant mortification. This was evidenced by yesterday’s NFL playoff games.

Somehow our beloved ‘Cush’ is able to become emotionally tied to damn near anything! Regardless of the fact that he’s geographically removed from a team and has no obvious ties to it, he manages to conjure up in his mind an unhealthy bond based on obscurities only he can sense.

I had the honor of being invited to watch the Falcons vs Packers game at Cush’s home. He’s always a good host providing goodies to nibble on and imbibing with Budweiser. It didn’t take long for Cush the Green bay fan to become unraveled. Midway through the game he began screaming at the TV. I got nervous as spittle began to gather around the edges of his mouth as he continued his animated advice to the Cheese-head coaching staff.

When Green bay officially lost the game he flew into a rage and began rummaging through the kitchen looking for a specific knife! In fairness, he said it was for slicing sausage, but I got the hell out anyways.

Until he gets help, I’m not sure it’s safe to return. Just sayin….