basketofdeplorables2Good Morning Denizens of Adulteration,

I came upon this article and thought it quite telling.  While this particular example of idiocy is poignant given the position of authority, but I think it typifies many lesser manifestations of ignorance.  I give you the following:

“A Sicilian judge ruled earlier this year that blogging, under Italian law, is the same as publishing an unregistered newspaper. In Italy, publishing an unregistered newspaper is a crime of “stampa clandestina,” and is punishable by large fines and/or jail. And so down went the first blogger.  He was noticed because he wrote unkind things about the Italian government; a horrible legal precedent and basis for the ruling”.

By registering a blog, the blog would then be subject to all laws governing newspaper publishing which means the blogger could no longer freely write his or her thoughts.  And so it would no longer be a blog.

Since the ruling, another blogger has been taken down.  Apparently, there are those in the Italian government who have decided to run with this opportunity.

The judge, not understanding a thing about the Internet, but still given authority over it, unintentionally with the stroke of a pen took down the right of free speech in Italy and empowered the government to gag its citizens.  It’s just one more demonstration of the awesome power of ignorance.

Good thing our US leaders in charge of regulating technology like Senator Ted “the tubes to nowhere” Stevens, have complete competence in, and understanding of, what they regulate.

Several years ago I was forced to listen to constant psychobabble from women bent on torturing for revenge as opposed to a genuine desire to help confused drunks understand how mandated counseling will solve their problems.  I’m sure this country is lousy with examples of management directing how and what should be done without an earthly idea as to what they’re talking about!

Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull’s “The Peter Principal” published in 1968 must be in paperback by now and would encourage the two or three of you reading this competency test to read it.  Trust me.  Although it is written in a tongue n cheek style it’s nevertheless true and explains much about today’s posting.

Please don’t let the facts get in the way because after all “ignorance is indeed bliss!”  It is so much easier to go headlong into our day confident we understand our little universe blinders in place without having to worry about being accurate.  Perception is truth whether it’s based in fact or not so please keep it to yourself!  Obviously delving out stupidity isn’t limited to government or work as it can be found on multiple levels.  A good illustration was found right here at ‘curmudgeon corner.’  For those of you new to the diatribe, curmudgeon corner is a clever euphemism for a bunch of old men (mostly) drinking heavily and expounding on things they know very little about.  Bombastic best describes what occurs there.

One of our associates is a union truck driver and I think a good example of someone comfortable with their reality and perceived facts.  I’m not sure how the topic came up, but he tried to convince me the City of Atlanta was as high in altitude as Denver!  He read it somewhere (couldn’t come up with a reference) and was so sure about it he bet $20.  I wanted to convince him he was dead wrong because taking his money on that bet would have been tantamount to stealing.  In spite of my efforts to save him twenty bucks he wouldn’t hear of it and absolutely convinced of his facts.  By the way Atlanta, GA is positioned upon this rock at 1,010 ft; a fair difference from a mile high.

While the above is not an important example, it still serves as warning that the world is filled with morons ready to convince you the earth is flat.  For God’s sake pay attention!