me_mom_dadGood Morning Revelers,

This year’s holiday represented one of the more poignant and emotional experiences in recent memory. Just two weeks ago I was looking forward to my year-end vacation and subsequent debauchery. I planned on dividing my time between the bar and studio; setting lofty goals for each.

Counting down the final hours of my last day at work I got a disturbing text from my Sister. She indicated our Mother had been diagnosed with a Sepsis infection and was refusing treatment. The prognosis wasn’t good as one might imagine. Since my Father’s death 4 years ago, Mom lamented her loss daily wishing she’d die so she could return to his side. Mormons believe in eternal marriage so she was sure Dad would be waiting for her. Depending on the infection’s severity the doctor said she could go in two days or two months so I bought a ticket to Salt Lake City.

Never mind I was victimized by the Frontier Airline debacle, and saved by my eldest son, I managed to arrive in Brigham City, Utah an hour before midnight.

When I got to see her she was obviously medicated but definitely in the throes of death. There was little conversation, but I did have a chance to see and speak with her letting her know I loved and appreciated her as my Mother essentially offering my good-byes.

She passed two days after my arrival.

I’m really not sure how it all works in death, but hopeful she will hook up with the old man and be happy again.

R.I.P. Mom