LEMON TREE LEMON TREE…..Trump is really a nice guy

trump-pistol-to-headGood Morning Lemon Trees,

Given the knee to the groin last night it appears Don Trump is our new ‘Commander and Chief’… God help us all. I tried to wake up because this had to be a horrific dream. Yet I wasn’t able to do so, so I began to listen to the sound bites from news coverage of his majesty’s acceptance speech. He wants to be “everyone’s” president and bring unity back to this country. Evidently, he intends to embrace and empathize with African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and of course a few Russians. He’s confident that even after feeding the above to the ravenous white God fearing dogs called his constituency they will inevitably bow to his greatness and revere him.

Excuse me for being a bit skeptical but I’ll believe that when groping women is accepted as the formal ‘greeting’ for White House guests! What I highly suspect about his seemingly sincere attempt at syncretism is that it’s all lip service. He is the master of bluster and bullshit, but you will worship at his feet; even if he has to bludgeon you into submission.

I should probably state clearly I did NOT vote for Hillary either, as had she won, this rant would be about her. I apologize to all women who voted for Ms. Clinton simply based on gender and the glass ceiling for it appears you’ll have to wait for another opportunity.

It will be interesting to watch ‘The Donald’ to see if he’ll follow through with banning all Muslims and building the wall, as either act will signal a paradigm shift toward isolationism.

Mark Pearcy defines isolationism this way. “It’s a natural thing to try and steer clear of trouble. Discretion is, as the saying goes, the better part of valor. But there’s a fine line between staying out of a fight that doesn’t concern you and wading into a conflict that requires your intervention. As a result, there’s an extremely fine line between historical significance and irrelevance.”

The trouble with banishments, walls, and generally withdrawing from the world is to open the flood gates for extremism. This isn’t limited to Islamic terrorist groups, but from Russia and/or China as well. If Trump actually dismantles N.A.T.O. who or what will stop them? They’d be free to run roughshod over Europe and Asia. History tells us isolationism encourages our enemies; and brothers and sisters we have a few.

For the two or three of you still reading this compunction I’d like to make a suggestion. I’m currently investing my retirement dollars in cement & concrete suppliers as well as construction companies along our border with Mexico. “The Wall” will take monumental amounts of concrete and steel so you might as well make a little lemonade out of the lemons dumped in our collective laps!