JO ANN EXPLAINS DEEP ROOT FEEDING…..zuki adminsters lebowski test

old-couple-kissingGood Morning Lights of the Harbor,

I had a date last week. I only mention it because it’s been awhile since I last attempted such formality. No flowers or anything like that, rather just committed time to assess each other for our respective futures.

I met Jo Ann at Home Depot in the Gardening Section. I wanted to buy something like Marigold seeds for my future daughter-in-law who evidently has acquired a green thumb. They require little care once established!

Jo Ann overheard my conversation with the apron wearing young man and handed me a big can of mixed perennial flower seeds! With a smile she proclaimed it to be exactly what I was looking for!

For a woman approaching 60 rotations, Jo Ann is beautiful. Seemingly this beauty radiates both inside and out. She’s tanned from her love of ultraviolet rays and says she carries a 12 handicap. She’s smart as she runs her own floral business, and laughs easily.

Immediately I could sense a little chemistry between us, so I thanked her for the suggestion and offered to snag a cup of coffee for her and me to further discuss planting flowers in the harsh Rocky Mountain soil. She didn’t have time to accommodate me then, but casually mentioned she’d be free that evening to discuss the use of Betonies to repel insects. It was a date.

We met downtown Denver at NOLA Voodoo and ordered the best gumbo this side of the Mississippi. The wine flowed and the conversation was easy. In reality, she was quite an expert on gardening. I listened to her talk about soil preparation and deep root feeding with great admiration, but eventually I got lost in her dark brown eyes.

Jo Ann immediately caught the change in my demeanor and began to rub her foot up my calf then upwards to my inner thigh smiling at me in a pouting manner; hiding her mischievous intentions.

As if an unheard announcement was given, we both leaned over the small table and exchanged the softest and most yielding kiss I’ve ever had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of. WOW! I could get to enjoy that. I got the check and left enough cash to cover our modest tab and followed her to her house with a great deal of urgency.

As soon as she opened the door she turned back to me and was all over me! She made it clear she didn’t need a lot of warm up and was good to go! It was soooooo gooooood! Ole Marzuki needed that! I felt as though I needed a smoke, and then realized I don’t smoke, but now fully understand the quittance of services rendered.

We’ve seen each other a couple of times now, and I’m anticipating an apprehensive week. If you’ve followed this idiocy for a while, you’ve no doubt discerned this is typically when things go south. Yes, I know many of you think I’m just an aroused cogitator; over thinking which socks to put on, but it was time for the ‘Lebowski test’. When asked whether she’d seen the movie, she immediately laughed out loud telling me it was her favorite movie ever! This was an unexpected surprise.

Tomorrow night she’s going to cook dinner; I’m bringing my favorite Pinot Noir and accouterments suitable for the occasion. We intend to watch Lebowski for dessert. Somehow I think the evening will be highly enjoyable.