DEATH HAS A WAY WITH WORDS…..zuki wears tin-foil hat

old-hippiesGood Morning Boomers,

Another Thanksgiving in the books, and think collectively most were edified.

Given the latest news on aging it’s clear surviving beyond 60 without the added fun of Lung or Liver disease is an added bonus to life’s rich pageant. We beneficiaries need to take a moment and be grateful. There have been moments of hesitancy to be sure, but certainly we’ve all shared those flashes of clarity that define what we believe, right? Unfortunately though, I think many of us have reached a critical mass of sort and now realize to what extent hot-plates will play in our lives!

Having said this though, and under all market conditions, curmudgeons are looking for a payoff. We’ve not invested the time and effort to get this far and walk away empty handed! Most of us have followed along, played by the rules, and with jaundice pacifism hoped for the best. Yet deep down we realize there’s no such thing!

Like children with skinned knees we run to mother to cry. Much too late if you ask me, but Geriatrics has quickly replaced Texas Hold’em as a favorite pastime. I’m a bit disturbed by this, but given what’s at stake, do you think anyone will notice?

Death is equal to the level of willingness to stay the inevitable. But I’m’ just sayin.’