AFTERALL IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME……zuki finds turd in punchbowl

merry-xmasGood Morning Yuletide Muckrakers,

In a world filled with acronyms and new world records for speed, I find it difficult if not impossible to find meaning in life’s rich pageant. I hate this time of year with a passion! Gift giving out of obligation certainly doesn’t meet the criteria for ‘Christ-like behavior’ now does it?

Christmas, err…I mean the holiday season is upon us and once again this olio of religious insistence to be recognized dilutes the experience for everyone.

With all due respect, what does an African harvest festival called ‘Kwanzaa’ have to do with Christmas!? Yet ‘African Americans’ clamor their way to the podium demanding everyone recognize their made up Swahili holiday (1966) designed to make themselves feel better.

Frank Costanza’s “Festivus” celebration is actually a better idea! Hanukkah at least is a celebration of light and in a secular way fits into the spirit of things, yet in a less obvious way insist on being recognized by the rest of us.

I found it most interesting and not entirely surprising, but one of the more important Muslim holidays ‘Eid al-Adha’ celebrates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac (or Ishmael if you prefer) in passing God’s test of faith. Only the followers of ‘Isis’ would celebrate something that gruesome.

Let’s don’t kid ourselves. Christmas with albeit brief references to the birth of Christ is mostly a pagan ritual grounded in Roman history. Its meanings and methods by which the holiday is exalted have been changed more times than Cush’s prescription card!

Christmas is well founded as a Christian holiday in this country and has been celebrated much the same way for generations. So in reality I think it’s safe to say that outside of the Christian faithful take your Menorahs, goats, and doctrine of death, and keep it to yourselves.

If you live in America and are not a Christian, suck it up and deal with ‘Peace on Earth Goodwill toward men,’ ‘Black Friday,’ ‘Cyber Monday,’ and the office party drunk pissing in the flower pot. Take it from me, quit your whining and enjoy the ‘Nativity Scene’ it is but a short while. Just know us lovers of Christmas that acknowledge your piss-ant holiday(s) to your face, think you’re a moron once you’ve left the room!

Merry Christmas,