a-walmart-greeterGood Morning Ancient Ones,

“There’s a disturbance in the universe” and fear what if anything can be done about it.  What’s left of my tour of duty needs to be spent exploring the creative level of Maslow’s pyramid, but perhaps that ship has sailed.  Never-the-less one must put themselves in a position of existence without fear of failure and often times that takes money. 

I have been working on and have assembled a proto-type of a cremation urn done in the “Marzuki’s House of Bricks” style.  I was encouraged by a website that featured an Italian Interior Design company that produces the urns as ‘art’ selling one of a kind work to upscale relatives of dead people for around $2,500 per. 

While there’s no guarantee that urns made of ceramic bricks with glazed images of the dear departed featured prominently will sell, but I intend to find out. Every time I walk into a Walmart I’m depressed at the numbers of ‘old’ people that toil there and remind myself I’m two paychecks away from being a ‘greeter.’

I wonder at what point that a 70 year old working in Walmart realized their fate.  I would suggest to the two or three of you reading this eudemonic flem that at that exact moment in time they experienced a deep and dark depression never felt before.  I’m also sure suicide loomed large as an option. 

Having said the above, there must be other reasons that the elderly chooses to work because there’s a 78 year old woman that works at my company who ten years ago was left a small fortune by her late husband but would rather work than be ‘retired.’

I think we’ve all heard those stories about people dying within days after retiring or losing a spouse.  What is it about working that when one stops they lose the will to live?  I for one would like to personally test this but will need a research sponsor.  I’m willing to suffer the consequences once I stop working and drop out of the corporate grind and will happily accept my destiny. 

If I manage to survive for 12 months then I can resume my art without fear of dying from acute depression.  I think it’s worth exploring don’t you?