POLITICAL CORRECTNESS & WELL TIMED FARTS…….zuki demands an explanation

political-correctnessGood Morning Eristical Potboilers,

Excuse me.  Digesting political correctness longer than any contributing member of society should have to; I must be forgiven when exercising the demons of psychobabble!

Political correctness has become our reality!  Sadly, assimilation of reason has been lost forever.  It’ll take something biblical like flooding this rock to again insert reasonability into our laws where the punishment fits the crime.  When did we become governed by self-serving psychotherapeutically oriented hacks?  Who’d have ever guessed bottled water would be a multi-billion dollar industry?  Neither could have been foreseen yet are indeed a reality.

Perhaps the end really is near as one of our own gave Blondie’s resident retarded person (sorry….I mean mentally challenged) a pity fuck!  Ironically my current entanglement has quickly become the poster child for PC and an abrupt accounting of why we’re having this discussion!  All of this has cut me to the bone and shoved up my ass without the benefit of lubricant.  Yes, things are far worse than I thought; as always there is a price to pay for “kicking against the pricks!”

I’ll be the first to admit my complicity in all of this, yet remarkably and at the same time it has opened my eyes!  Say what you will about Eichmann’s “Final Solution” at least it was a plan!  Having ‘grief counselors’ available, anger management, sensitivity training, and having to define ‘harassment’ in the work place all stems from well intentioned former ‘Hippies’ making sure EVERY man, woman, and child is protected from life’s realities.

I should have suspected this was coming 20 years ago when I enrolled my eldest son in a YMCA basketball league.  I had an 80% travel schedule in those days so when I was in town I made it a point to spend time with the kids.  I got to see my eldest’s first game and he of course was anxious to do well.  Halfway through the game it dawned on me keeping score was not part of the game!

I took the loping steps down the bleachers and asked the pony-tailed coach about the scoreless game.  “Oh I thought you knew” he shrugged, “scores are not kept to make sure every boy feels good about his experience…it’s all about playing and learning the game and not winning or losing!”  I was stupefied!  “WHAT?! You’ve got to be kidding!”  The confrontation quickly escalated to the point of getting ugly, so I backed off and let my son finish the exercise.

After the exhibition we all went out for lunch and used the occasion to ask my son who won the game.  He paused and looked upward momentarily then looked back at me and said “we did” and finished off his shake.  “What was the score”  I continued, “I dunno” he replied, totally unconcerned about that detail but was convinced his team had won.  The next day I found several community leagues that actually play the game as intended and keep score!  I put him on a team coached by my neighbor who believed as I did.  He wasn’t the best player or the worst, but during the playoffs he sunk a three pointer to win the game sending them to the next round.  I got all choked up.

MY GOD PEOPLE…life doesn’t work that way!  If you encounter competition regardless of the situation there’ll be a clear winner and loser!  To teach our children to think they’ll always win or worse, that it doesn’t matter, is doing them a disservice because nobody gets through life’s rich pageant undefeated!

We’ve become a nation of sissy’s unwilling to call a spade a spade as not to offend someone for being an idiot!  GOD FORBID we offend feminists, Trump-Pence, multiculturalists, Eskimos, Holistic Counselors, Yoga masters, or handicapped vegans with single-word descriptions.  No it’s too late!  We’ve sealed our fate by passing laws that crush anyone that believes in natural selection.