YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE FAITH!…….zuki has more questions than answers

confident-young-girl_nzv0gmGood Morning Demotic Creed,

In reference to the timeless art of healing and specifically Christian Scientists; Mark Twain in a series of Articles published in an east coast newspaper made this statement:

“…The power which a man’s imagination has over his body to heal it or make it sick is a force which none of us is born without. The first man had it; the last one will possess it. If left to himself, a man is most likely to use only the mischievous half of the force—the half which invents imaginary ailments for him and cultivates them; and if he is one of these very wise people, he is quite likely to scoff at the beneficent half of the force and deny its existence. And so, to heal or help that man, two imaginations are required: his own and some outsider’s. The outsider, B, must imagine that his incantations are the healing-power that is curing A, and A must imagine that this is so. I think it is not so, at all; but no matter, the cure is effected, and that is the main thing. The outsider’s work is unquestionably valuable…”

This explains a few things. Over the years I’ve wondered about and now I think I understand the dynamic that’s been at work. If one indeed wants to be healed, (and who of us wouldn’t) one must first have faith. Secondly one must find the vehicle or medium if you will, that serves as conduit for such faith. This has been a source of frustration for years! Mormonism wasn’t cutting it for me as my faith eroded into questions for which evidently there are no answers, so I turned to the only thing I could have faith in; the power of money.

I’ve had the faith, and at times felt healed, but money tends to be ephemeral at best for ‘grasshoppers’ such as myself. The God Money is fickle providing us with options to exercise, stops to put, and portfolios to manage. I have faith. My conduit for healing has endless opportunities if only they could be found. Maybe it’s “physician heal thy self” as opposed to”manna”, where one merely has to pick it up from the front lawn like dog shit. All I know of late is that I’ve not been healed for a long time!

I don’t want to sound greedy here, cause after all….I have enough to get by, so large amounts of cash would no doubt be awkward. Anyway even if I happened to come into a “manna”-like situation it would most likely contribute to an early death. So I’m really only interested in attaining Maslow’s highest level of self-actualization.

That’s all I ask!

I must go now and exhibit more faith. This faith thing is tricky in that you’re never sure if you’ve exhibited enough of it. The last thing any of us need is our cash flow to dry up… or God turning his/her back on our puny efforts. This truly is a slippery slope.

May your particular vehicle carry you beyond super-sizing. Right now I’m off to buy a Lotto ticket…I’ll let you know.