TRUMP OR HILLARY—REALLY?…….zuki puts head in sand

Republican strategist Karl Rove gestures while at a luncheon at the California Republican Party convention,  in Sacramento, Calif., Saturday, March 2, 2013.  Rove told California Republicans to "get off the mat", and to find candidates to reflect the party's diversity. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Good Morning Self-Exculpating Phenotypes,

I’ve been casually watching the Republican Convention in Cleveland this week, and was amazed…no stupefied at the three-ring circus that unfolded before me. I’ll give Trump credit though, because he was the only one to tap into the seething discontent of the white working class who feel abandoned by Obama’s “Kumbaya” politics. Using Bluster and bombast combined with school-yard thuggery, he laid waste to 16 rival candidates, several of which were highly qualified.

It’s beyond me how my dentist, skinheads, Nazi’s, as well as the tens of thousands of Bible thumpers could swallow Trump’s children extolling their father as if he personified the Boy Scout Law i.e., trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, etc.. Children of a Billionaire who’ve never had to wipe their own butts and filled with glittering generalities could drive the frenzied faithful wild; it was incomprehensible!

I think we got a glimpse into the incompetency of a would-be Trump regime er…Presidency from his wife Melania. Bless her heart, I’m sure she’s well-intentioned but suspect her IQ is equal to a box of rocks. Whoever was assigned to write her speech not only plagiarized much of it, but worse got if from our current first lady Michelle Obama! God what sweet irony; it’s laughable to the point of being pathetic.

As a would-be artist I’m always grateful for opportunities through patrons, grants, and other endowments that support artists regardless of content or subject matter. In an article posted by ‘Americans for the Arts Action Fund’ reminds us to judge people by what they do versus what they say and sadly reveals what to expect should Trump manage to win in November:

  • Trump destroyed a pair of Art Deco reliefs that were part of the facade of the Bonwit Teller Building, which Trump tore down to build Trump Tower. The Metropolitan Museum of Art wanted the reliefs for its collection. (Source: Hyperallergic)
  • In 1999, in response to a controversy over a painting called The Holy Mary Virgin, Trump told the New York Daily News that “It’s not art. It’s absolutely gross, degenerate stuff. It shouldn’t be funded by government… As President, I would ensure that the National Endowment of the Arts [sic] stops funding of this sort”. In fact, the NEA did not fund the 1996 exhibit Trump was referring to. (Source: New York Daily News)
  • In 2013, Trump purchased the Old Post Office Building in Washington, D.C., to redevelop it into a hotel. As a result, several government arts agencies that had long resided in the Old Post Office Building – including the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities — were forced to relocate. (Source: Hyperallergic)

Out of 319 million people who call the United States home the best we could do is Trump & Hillary?  Ten years ago my old friend Duncan expressed his disillusionment by telling me the presidency has been and will always be an oligarchy. I now believe this to be true. But I want to believe that once again someone like Abe Lincoln could rise and become the leader of our nation. I know…I know…this is truly naïve.

When I get to the polls I will be voting for a write-in candidate as opposed to Clinton or Trump. People tell me I’m wasting my vote, but I say it’s mine to waste. Regardless who emerges from this morass my dreams will be “mashed to a dreary paste!”

Sadly my only retort is to say….. “I had nothing to do with it!”