JEEZ… ANOTHER MASS MURDER……zuki is next in line for his 9mm

Mickey-and-Friends3REALLY?  A pledge to Isis? Another mass murder? How do you stop someone willing to blow themselves up?

Will someone please explain to me how killing and wounding 100 plus people in the name of Allah is foundation for religious belief?  Particularly egregious was the fact it was done to find favor with blood stained Isis who probably didn’t know Omar from Abdul!

Another debate over gun control is looming and you can bet your Derringer the usual suspects will be front and center wringing their hands calling for the banishment of all guns. The NRA will bring out the 2nd amendment which has literally become their “Koran” and is quoted by all ‘enthusiasts.’ They are shocked and alarmed by the very thought of restricting magazine loads, or semi-automatic weapons that are so often used by deer hunters!

Don’t get me wrong I get it.

According to Wikipedia the United States is number one in guns per capita at 112.6 guns per 100 people! Are you kidding me? It’s too bad we can’t become number one in math and science instead of 25th and 17th respectively.  If we could actually manage it, regaining the lead in math & science would give us smarter individuals who might figure out a way to keep guns from idiots and morons tilting at windmills.

Restricting access to guns in this country is tantamount to ‘closing the barn door after the cows got out.’  IT’S TOO F-ING LATE!  All a mass murder does is feed into our collective fears and then we run to be first in line at Cabela’s.

The senseless killings in Orlando will be featured at the pulpits of many congregations next Sunday. Some will actively engage in charitable acts and donations. Others will grieve and pray for the victims and their families. Sadly, there will also be some that will gleefully point out that the mass murder was delivered by God given his/her rath toward homosexuals. You can count on it!

Let’s face it; mass killings have become part of our cultural fabric. It always shocks me but no longer surprised by it. We no doubt have more than enough crazy people and jihadists living amongst us to continue this madness long after I’m gone. My only hope is that my family will continue to thrive and never be involved in this sort of violence.

Oh…. And by the by–I’d highly recommend the Glock 19!