WE WANT ‘BREAD AND CIRCUSES’………zuki finds solace in a “sport bar”

dive barGood Morning Consumers,

Without a doubt and there can be no argument, Blondie’s is going through an identity crisis.  We’ve (curmudgeons) have been dividing our time between Blondie’s and The Magnet Inn.  I find it completely moronic that both claim to be a sports bar.  While I don’t expect most people frequent bars daily, but think about it.  Any bar with more than two TV screens can claim to be a sports bar!  At best it dilutes the distinction of such a claim.  I can only speculate, but it seems to me this qualification is only as good as those that patronize the establishment.

Assuming two ‘sports’ bars are of equal distance away what pulls customers to one over another? What makes one thrive and the other struggle?  I’ve lamented over this aggravation numerous times, yet the answer is why long time customers of one bar will pull up stakes and begin the process of ‘fitting in’ at a new place.  Giving the customer what they want!  It’s amazingly simple isn’t it?

Before the economic downturn Blondie’s had a healthy crowd of regulars.  The service was good and with the exception of Frank the Shank’s unfortunate outburst there are few altercations.  Blondie’s is a fairly large (square feet) establishment while The Magnet Inn is perhaps 50% of Blondie’s.

Last week Blondie’s once again shut the music down because two (2) non-regulars asked to hear a non-Colorado hockey game.  So the loyal long time regulars who’d prefer not to hear the blathering announcers followed by 150 decibel commercials get stiffed!

When I protest to the unfairness of it, I’m told “zuki we’re a sports bar” as if the empty bar was Pepsi Stadium.  To be fair though, this doesn’t happen every day but often enough. The curmudgeon business is taken for granted and don’t honestly believe we’ll go elsewhere so they risk losing long established customers spending $500-$600 a month!  Perhaps this is part of their plan to get rid of us and go after the 21 year olds with lots of disposable income.

They cling to this silly mantra.

I walked into The Magnet and already several regulars have warmed up to our particular brand of stupid.  I’m handed a real glass of wine, remote control, and told to put XM on the ‘blues’ channel.  We’ve actually been recruited to create our own ambiance while engaged in politics and platitudes regarding this year’s election; seeking to understand what’s wrong with our country!

Wow how refreshing to have the sport venues available, just without the annoying sound. The management at The Magnet Inn is actually convinced if they give customers what they want, there’s a good chance they will return!

Imagine that!  What a concept!