CHINESE CURMUDGEON LENDS A HAND…….we all could learn a lesson here

Jump MF JumpGood Morning Flatulent Ones,

We need more people like Lai Jiansheng of China!

I read an article about a Chinese man distraught over losing his grandmother’s recipe for Peking Duck climbed a bridge threatening to jump!  Our very own Lai caught in snarled traffic decided to quit whining and do something about it.  He made his way to the bridge and was able to climb up and talk to the poor wretch.  Lai explained he was tired and needed to get home ironically to have left over Peking Duck!  The man began to cry sobbing uncontrollably.  Lai was done.  “Either you climb down and stop this stupidity or I’ll push you off the damn bridge!  The  eight hour vigil was about to end abruptly as after a brief tussle the poor wretch was tossed off…much to the delight of the hundreds gathered to watch.

The ‘Diatribe’ has documented idiots threatening to eat a bullet before….and yet they never do.  This observer of life’s rich pageant has stated many times, that when a moron threatens to kill themselves they do so to gain attention and perhaps a free round of drinks from anyone willing to listen! People that actually off themselves usually do so quietly and unannounced.

But I do wish to point out that Lai is a curmudgeon’s curmudgeon and welcome at the “Corner” anytime.  God bless him!