Never saw it coming

Good Morning Victims of Apostasy,

Sun-tzu said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”  Many times we don’t know who the enemy is.  So called ‘friends’ might be the very people Sun-tzu was referring to. The pain inflicted by the treachery of “friends” can’t be understated.

Historically betrayal is not always limited to “friends,” as sometimes entire countries become victims of the deceitful disaffection of governments.  I had the occasion this week to feel the pointy end of a “knife to the back.”  Not fully understanding what was to be gained by breaching my trust, so I decided to look up a few of the more egregious acts of perfidy.

The tyrannical rule of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar came to an abrupt end when his own nephew Marcus Brutus, took part in the murder plot against him. Brutus had joined the senate during a time when Caesar’s power was being challenged.  Caesar of course thought he had an ally to cover his back.  There’s nothing like family to collectively toss one under the bus.  Nevertheless it was done for political gain.

The Rosenbergs were a married couple bleeding commie red who sold atomic secrets to the Soviets as the Cold War was ramping up.  Julius Rosenberg helped exchange covert information and also recruited other spies for the Soviet Union. He, alongside his wife Ethel, (many say she never knew about her husband’s unconscionable deeds but I say that’s horse shit) was arrested in 1950. After a controversial trial, both were executed for conspiring to sell atomic secrets to Russia on June 19, 1953. I just wish I had that kind of retribution available!  Somebody would fry!

Motivated by an alcoholic wife with expensive tastes, and evidently the bitch knew how to shop!  Aldrich Ames readily sold US government secrets to Russia during the 1980s. Ames’s CIA pass gave him access to military intelligence and the names of every US agent working against Russia.  When the heat was turned up he willingly surrendered.  His thirty pieces of silver worth $4.6 million resulted in the compromised position of 100 military ops and the execution of 10 US agents. Ames was eventually sentenced to life in prison.  This was a travesty of justice, but at least he did it for money!

According to the Bible, Satan “entered Judas” before he betrayed the son of Christ to Roman authorities. How convenient, to blame Satan thus absolving him from responsibility made it easy for him.  “The devil made me do it!”  This infamous member of the Twelve Apostles betrayed his friend for money alone – thirty pieces of silver. With a flair for the dramatic, Judas arranged a special signal that would set the authorities in motion. He would kiss (no tongues) Jesus to identify him. This “Judas kiss” led to death by crucifixion of the Son of God.  Makes one wonder what he’d have done for gold.  But at least the betrayal was motivated by greed!  Even the two or three of you still reading this artifice should understand that.

Jane “Hanoi” Fonda sympathized with the North Vietnamese, posing with their anti-aircraft guns, and “questioning” American POW’s (through her comrades) about the “benevolent” treatment they were receiving from their captors. The captives tried to explain they were in fact being ill treated, and sometimes tortured, but she didn’t believe it.  At great risk to himself, one poor soul slipped Ms “Hanoi” a note only to witness in horror as she turned the note over to the North Vietnamese.  He was beaten senseless.  Her motives were at the time political, spawned from her activist boyfriend Tom Hayden.  Hayden is best known for drafting the SDS’s manifesto, the Port Huron Statement subtitled “An Agenda for a Generation,” and filled the young actress’s head with gobbolly gook.  But in her feeble brain her actions were justified!

I’m reasonably certain betrayal by someone thought to have your back happens often enough, but typically the betrayer has something to gain by it.  But in my case, the personal duplicity defies explanation.  It wasn’t for money as I have little.  It wasn’t political.  It was in my thinking, simply a way to cut me.  By spewing out things discussed in confidence to everyone at the bar, I suppose it was my associate’s way of compensating for their own misery.  Just sayin….


  • Bagwan

    This is sad, they made such a cute couple

  • zuki

    While still bleeding, I’m glad JJ see’s the hilarity in this as buffoonery suits him.

  • Just JOE

    Let’s see… how I grok this IDIOT’S thesis:
    He is but a Victim?… a kin to Jesus?
    Give MOI a break
    So MOI belly won’t ache
    You’d think I’d done something egregious!
    Yes, It is MOI… the rumor-monger nefarious
    MOI motivation? Just living la Vita Vicarious
    Only a “No Mas” rule-bend
    No intend to offend
    Your indignation, Sir, is simply halarious!

    • Bagwan

      Well if you are the guilty party then it is no doubt much more a blunder than a betrayal.
      A Brutus never — maybe just a Faux Pas with ears.

  • Bagwan

    When Zuki writes in cryptic fashion about anonymous people I am never sure how seriously to take the story. He does have a high level of creativity but these stories normally have a least a grain of truth in them.
    In any case, I haven’t seen Zuki for about three weeks and I haven’t been “spewing” any confidences in a bar or even in the confessional so I am sure that I’m not the guilty party — if there is one.