MEGADETH SAYS KILLINGS STAGED….zuki frightened and purchases assault rifle

It’s never been said, least ways not aloud.  But there’s been some talk of President Obama actually staging the shootings in the Aurora theater as well as the WI Sikh temple massacre.  According to Dave Mustaine front man for Megadeth, the President is so disparate to gather our guns up; he’d sacrifice the innocent to do it.   Aligned with the “Birther” movement Mustaine insists the staged murders were designed to tug at our heart strings causing each of us to roll over!  I absolutely hate the so called musical offerings of Megadeth and now understand why.  Look, the USA is the most heavily armed nation in the world and that’s not going to change anytime soon.  Supporting a gun ban would make no difference.  The bad guys would find a way while decent Americans are left defenseless.  Every household should have an assault weapon at the ready!

I don’t think anyone will confuse me for an Obama supporter, but Mr. Mustaine is obviously an idiot.,83895/

The two or three of you still reading this empty shell casing, need to remember these gun safety rules.  It’s the weekend and guns will be a blazing!

  1.  Assume all guns are loaded and act accordingly – fire one round off to clear chamber
  2. Never point gun at something you’re not prepared to destroy – when animosity levels rise high enough, fire at will.
  3. Always be sure of your target and what’s behind it – If you’re sure the target is Just JOE no need to worry what’s behind him, Roger the “Hairdresser” will be completely eclipsed so open fire and empty clip just to make sure.
  4. Keep finger off trigger until sights are on target – The only exception would be the Bagwan.  If he’s the intended target keep your trigger finger at the ready as he can turn into a thin puff of smoke without warning so once in your sights fire quickly and in a broad shot pattern to minimize his chance for escape.

I wish everyone good shooting, free of gaping gunshot wounds.  Me…I have one of the better weekends planned.  Tonight it’s the mystic blues of Jimmy Thackery down at the Toad Tavern.  Saturday & Sunday in the studio then golf to finish off both days enjoying beer and a sunset only pollution and our beloved mountains could create!  This will be followed by an eat with a fork 10 oz fillet mignon savored with a lovely Acacia 2010 Pinot Noir to finish a fabulous weekend!