EGG ON MY FACE?….when pigs fly


Some poor sap living in New Zealand is jailed for 6 months for tossing an Ostrich egg at his wife.  I had to read the article.  He got pissed when his wife’s pet pig ran amuck and damaged his power saw.  It went on to say “Russell, 46, had repeatedly asked his wife to keep the pet pig under control as it had damaged their home, a neighbor’s house and council property, but she insisted it should be given free range!”   AND THEY GAVE HIM 6 MONTHS??????????

Let’s see, letting a pig wander destroying property and finally gets rebuked, rebuffed, and wears an Ostrich omelet?  You got to wonder about the New Zealand justice system as they obviously sentenced the wrong person!  Jeez.

Russell’s defense?  He expected her to catch the 5lb egg…..