CUTTING ONE’S OWN SWITCH….old woman takes down plane

Underneath he’s really a decent fellow

You gotta love the U.S. Military!  The soldiers that urinated on Taliban corpses and burned the Quran finally got the Military’s version of “cutting your own switch.”  Instead of the ticker tape parade they deserved, they got an ass chewing and a strongly worded warning to never do that again.   Ooooooooooooo!

“U.S. troops involved in the Quran burnings at a U.S. air base in Afghanistan and a video where Marines urinated on Taliban corpses were punished on Monday, according to military officials.

The service members disciplined received “non-judicial” punishments, meaning they will not get jail time but could face a reprimand, loss of rank and denial of re-enlistments or promotions.”

For the sake of political correctness let’s just say, and I’m pretty sure it happens daily, the TSA shakes down an old woman to the point she has a stroke and dies.  Would there be an investigation?  Would someone take the blame and do time?  You would think so, but no not even a strongly worded warning would be issued, as it was just an unfortunate part of “doing our job.”  Yes, you know the story line, profiling Arabs is unconstitutional so therefore old women should be watched because old women are single handedly blowing up planes and beheading Christians.  No no, we give them (Arabs) assault weapons so they don’t have to find one to fucking shoot us!