IN THE CAB W/CUSH…..says “i’m a professional”

Zuki continually breaks my balls about being a Teamster and driving my rig. Zuki can kiss my ass because being a union grade professional may have saved my life. It’s 3:00 AM and I’m west bound CO. 86 just outside of Elizabeth, CO. I was having a tough time staying awake so I was head bobbing with the beat of the ‘Sandman’ when finally I nodded off long enough to hit the gravel; mere feet from a large ditch. A scab driver would have over corrected and lost control, while a skilled ‘Teamster’ was able to gently and gradually get the big rig back on the road without so much as a sigh of relief.


  • Bagwan

    fez — just so you know, Cush is not quite as handsome as he appears in that picture. That is one of those Glamour Shots that used to be so popular in the 80’s.

  • fez

    Cush we in accounts receivable feel like we know you.  I realize Zuki nearly always casts you in a negative light, but speaking from the Union Capital of the world “Chicago” we love Teamsters!!!