We mountain folk got a surprise visit from yet another idiot with a gun. Current body count is at 12. The initial count was at 14 but two of the dead were just kidding and got up from the Coroner’s table to and I quote, “lighten the mood.” While the shooters identity has been released as James Holmes his venue was a crowded movie theater premiering the latest ‘Batman’ movie and suspect the 24 year old truly believes he’s Batman’s nemesis. Tossing canisters of tear gas and wearing a bullet proof vest he opened fire indiscriminately into the theater and then at those trying to escape. Instead of killing the crazy fuck-head right there on the spot, or encourage him to eat a bullet, he gives himself up and goes quietly! So now he’s a part of our legal system….shit.

OMG! You heard it here first. The bleeding hearts will discover a new ‘syndrome’ that is at the crux of it offering ‘hope’ to killers imprisoned everywhere of a new trial to explain why the cold blooded murder was not his/her fault. The ACLU will provide the defense and offer up how this mentally challenged soul was abused as a child, ridiculed in school, and was victim of a broken home, poor family, and genetically damaged. He was predisposed to perform this act of barbarism from birth! You see genetically speaking if you travel down Strand B-98 of his DNA helix you’ll notice one gene is partially severed and not able to process normal emotions. Instead, the electrical charges are being diverted to his frontal lobe causing considerable pain and mental anguish. Anyone subjected to this genetic damage would have done the same thing, so Mr. Holmes is not accountable and should be found innocent. Today’s juries are incapable of convicting anyone, so I predict he’ll be found innocent via an insanity plea and spend time in a “Cotton Box.”

Currently twelve families are planning funerals and 50 others are tending to wounds, while mental scars never seem to heal completely. This mother f-er will get free room and board and no doubt write a book that all of us will rush to buy seeking enlightenment about his life and the maladies that turned him into a cold blooded killer.

There’s something horribly wrong with this! When did we lose accountability for our actions? “The devil made me do it.” defence can’t be far off!

  • zuki

    YOU SEE????  IT CAN BE DONE!!  The Groton, CT Police handled a gunman on the Univ of CT campus resulting in the asshole’s suicide!!  Bravo! atta-boy!  Well done gentlemen! 

  • Just JOE

    This tragedy in OUR Aurora strikes a chord
    A Columbine repeat MOI Colorado can ill afford
    It was once a wild West
    ALL on Freedom’s quest
    All the while, enduring EVIL so untoward!

    We are now writing the more modern version
    Giving ALL nay-sayers plenty to curse on
    BUT… It’s one guy who snapped
    EVERYTHING was pre-mapped
    Now you want to restrict MOI OWN legal gun!


  • fez

    Zuki what is it about Colorado that sets off mass murderers?  That said I read the killer is from TN home of the Smokey Mountains, could there be a connection to mountain ranges?  The news reports are saying he’s booby-trapped his apartment.  Is this true?

  • Bagwan

    You seem to have a very good grasp of what goes on in the mind of a deranged mass murderer.