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Zuki started it all by writing about the deaths of some obscure musicians including Robin Gibb who, unfortunately, was alive at the time. It got me to thinking about a different group which would be famous people that you don’t hear of anymore so you start to think they are dead. It struck me that the majority of this group was of the female persuasion. Probably in part because they live longer and maybe in part because as a society we just don’t like to look at old women.  Men become distinguished as they age (think Cary Grant) and women just become old (think Cloris Leachman, if you can).

I nominate Greta Garbo as patron saint of the vanishing woman. Her film career was around 15 years, while her retirement lasted 50 years. It was her and not JJ who first proclaimed, “I vant to be alone.”

Here is my list of the girls who are forgotten but not gone:

  • Bridgette Bardot — she has tied Greta at 50 years of retirement and spends her time as an animal rights activist coupled with some anti-Islam activism.
  • Angie Dickinson — one of the hottest ever.
  • Kim Novak— wait a minute she was hotter than Angie
  • Doris Day — she is also into the whole animal rights thing
  • Liz Taylor — obviously dead, but I threw her in so Zuki doesn’t feel that he is the only one who makes mistakes.
  • Maguire Sisters — all three are alive including Phyllis who was linked to Sam Giancana who was linked to JFK, who was linked to Angie Dickinson.
  • Lennon Sisters — not sure they were ever alive. As a side note, Cush still swears that John was their uncle.
  • Margaret Thatcher — I am not sure that I really thought she was dead; it’s just that I see Jimmy Carter more than I see her and I am sure he is dead.
  • The Queen — I definitely did not think the Queen was dead. In fact with her reign at 60 years I am laying even money that she breaks Queen Victoria’s record of 63 years. She has good longevity genes, I think her mother (the Queen Mum) lived to be 142.
  • Speaking of Queens, for years Zuki thought that the film “The African Queen” was the life story of Johnny Mathis. So I say we make Johnny an honorary member of the “forgotten but not gone” girls list.

Who did I miss?

  • Bagwan

    For reasons that are not even close to interesting I have felt personally touched by the Columbine killings, the OKC bombing, 9/11 and now this murder at the Aurora movie theatre. None of these events have enhanced my understanding of the meaning of life but cumulatively they have proved to me that what they say in Shreveport is true: ” It don’t matter.”
    It just doesn’t fucking matter and anyone who thinks that everything happens for a reason can now officially give up on that bullshit.

    Another sad thing is this whole fiasco at Penn State. Trying to end on a positive note I would like to suggest that when they inevitably take down the statue of Joe Paterno we accept it here as a gift. We will move it out by the fountains in front of Blondie’s and call it “Zuki at Last Call.”

  • Just JOE

    AND… SO… The Bagged ONE lists his un-dead
    He’s retired… has tons o’ time… ‘Nuff said?
    If he’s in a fix
    ‘Cause they’re ALL chicks
    I nominate MOIself cause I WANT to be dead!

    Yes, it’s true MOI Bucket List has but one line
    I vant to be dead… before I die on the vine
    I vant to go fast
    Don’t vant to last
    Beyond when I’m in pain AND a Big Pain in decline! 

  • fez

    We just got off of coffee break and accounts receivable came up with two more you might add to your list.  We think both Rita Moreno (80) and Ann Margret (71) qualify based on your fairly loose qualifiers

    • Bagwan

      They definitely qualify. It is difficult building a list of people you can’t remember.