MEA CULPA….seeing through haze

This day has been in the works for six weeks and I still can’t believe I’m going through with it. The tipping point came last week. For the last year my faithful Camry has been leaking oil. Not just a few spots here and there mind you, rather it was a 5 quarts of oil per week sort of thing! It leaked so badly that when stopped, burning oil plumed from under the hood horrifying all those around me. An elderly woman got my attention at a stop light and shouted, “YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE MR!!” I’m about to pick my car up from the garage; wallet some $1,300 dollars lighter. Gawd!

  • zuki

    I’ve checked the prostate fund and compared it to the auto maintenance fund and found a disturbing IOU.  Evidently I’ve drawn against the Prostate so often it seems I’ve lost my ass!!  

  • Bagwan

    I take it you had allocated something less than $1,300 for “Auto Maintenance” in the 2012 budget. You might want to move something over from “Prostate Maintenance.”