BAGWAN’S BAG O’ BILE…you can’t make this up

Proof Positive a Hard Dick has no Conscious

That beauty right there is Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ former and maybe current girlfriend. I personally didn’t know a lot of people who were naming their kids “Rielle” back in 1964 and apparently her parents didn’t either since they named her Lisa Jo Druck.

She said the reason she went up to his hotel room that first night in 2006 was because she believed she could help him. Not “help” the way you filthy minded males are thinking, but a type of “help” that only someone who had changed her name to Rielle could conjure up:

“In the book, Hunter writes that, as a budding spiritual advisor, she believed she could help him merge his public persona — which she said appeared shallow and aloof — with his deeper private persona, so that he could present himself more authentically.”

She has another rielle-reason as to why she has written her new book —she wants his children to know why he cheated on their dying mother.

Edwards was rightly acquitted of violating campaign finance laws but how about the laws of good taste.

  • zuki

    Budding ‘Spiritual Adviser’ ???  Isn’t that Bagwan’s job?  Where was the Bagwan when Edwards needed him?  Oh that’s right I forgot.  There’s been so many books written I’ve lost track.  The Bagwan was “consoling” the late Elizabeth Edwards while John was on the campaign trail.  He’s a true Holy Man…