BAGWAN’S BAG O’ BILE…what were they thinking?

Today we have three unrelated recent events which have me confused. Let’s title our piece: “What the Fuck?”
  • 1.  Forget Jerry Sandusky, how about his lawyers? They are complaining that they did not have enough time to put together a “proper” defense. Since they now all but concede the molestations occurred, what exactly would be a proper defense?
  • 2.  Former Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling tells us that he lost his entire net worth of $50 million by investing in a video game company.  So he has built up a nest egg of $50 million, which by any definition is “set for life” and he puts it all into one basket — a video game basket at that. My question is where was Curt when Zuki was looking for venture capital for his Pubic Hair Grooming Kits.

3.  The federal government has now lost its second attempt to try to convict Roger Clemens for lying to Congress. It turns out that not only is there no law prohibiting lying in the halls of Congress, it is in fact encouraged. — that one deserves a huge:   “WHAT THE FUCK?