ROBIN GIBB IS REVIVED BY OUR HOLYMAN….diatribe is given a dinner

Good Morning Believers of Fard,

For those of you that haven’t met our “Holy Fucker” he currently is a man of leisure with little to do but point out minor flaws and faux Pas of both family and associates.  While technically correct in his assessment of Mr. Gibb’s condition, and his wrongful inclusion on my death list, I think we can all agree it’s simply nit-picking.  Already in possession of a pound of flesh, he’s now going after my blood. 

The Bagwan writes:

When I tried to explain to Zuki that he was premature with his Robin Gibb death announcement he, of course, got snippy with me. All I was trying to do was protect the journalistic integrity of the Diatribe and my reward was a terse three sentence (and 3 exclamation point) response making it clear that my help wasn’t needed.

I think Zuki has lost track of the fact that people rely on the Diatribe for cutting edge, current events information. What if on his way home from accounts receivable fez stopped off at his favorite watering hole for a Campari and soda and announced to all present that Robin Gibb had died. Suppose one of the patrons took exception to that erroneous piece of info and a knife fight ensued.

Well my snippy friend please read the following dated 4/24/12 from the BBC:



Robin Gibb has ‘beaten the odds’, son says

Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb, who woke from a coma at the weekend, has been laughing and joking and wants to go home from hospital, his wife has said.

Dwina Murphy-Gibb told ITV News her husband was “really happy… he just wants to get out”.

Gibb’s son Robin-John said: “They gave him an under 10% survival chance and he has beaten the odds… he really is something else.”

The 62-year-old star fell into a coma last week after contracting pneumonia.

He has also been battling colon and liver cancer. Gibb’s son said his father was “completely compos mentis now”.

The family – including son Spencer and daughter Melissa – had been playing Bee Gees tunes to the singer as he lay in a coma and noticed Gibb trying to mouth words to the songs.

The family credited a recording of “Staying Alive” they had recently received from America for the final stage of this remarkable recovery. The source of the CD is identified only as a Holy Man from the Rockies.

  • Bagwan

    I will confess to liking Elvis. Here is the challenge, watch as much of the Joe Bonamass video as you can (I once made it up to 22 seconds). Then watch the following video with the music performed by Elvis and tell me which one you would rather hear while sipping drinks at your local saloon.

    I am not questioning whether Bonamass is a talented guitarist, just like I don’t question whether Irish stepdancers are talented — it is just that a little bit of that shit goes a long ways.

  • zuki

    If the two or three of you reading this nipple sandwich ever get a chance to see Joe Bonamassa in concert do yourself a favor and go.  out f-ing standing!  tomorrow’s posting will offer my particular experience.

  • Just JOE

    Our Dad was from Brooklyn… our Mom was a Yooper
    MOI Sis was a Brownie… I’m an ex-Air-Cav Trooper
    Yes, we’re both smart
    We were from the start
    “Superficial?”… Sure!… BUT… Put the accent on “SUPER”!!!

    • Bagwan

      super dooper pooper

  • fez

    Congratulations on your act of humanity Bagwan!  Zuki will poo poo your accomplishment and take credit for it right after pronouncing him dead.  We in accounts receivable are proud to be a small part of it.  How the hell did you know about Campari and soda let alone the damn knife fight?

    • Bagwan

      Well fez, that is just what Bagwans do. I think the boys here in town are growing used to my magnanimity. That is a very difficult word to spell and even harder to comprehend.

      Glad to hear that all the knife wounds are superficial. Speaking of superficial, could we send JJ over for a few weeks this summer. Did you know that his sister was a librarian at the University of Chicago. These are all smart people — just annoying. 

      • Bagwan

        I just walked downstairs and realized that I said that JJ is superficial. He is actually the opposite of superficial which of course would be the antonym of superficial. I cannot find the word but I still think he is much more like the new Paris Hilton — which I guess would be a Paris Doubletree. Think of warm chocolate chip cookies instead of public sex.

  • Just JOE

    Our Bagged ONE cured a dying BG
    All it took was one hit-single CD
    Gibb’s beaten ALL odds
    Give Bagwan ALL lauds
    AND… What’s more…. He waived His usual fee!