PLEASE CHECK YOUR FREE SAMPLES….zuki brings his own silverware

Good Morning Yogurt Lovers,

Sadly the following article is posted as a PSA and intended to remind you of the inherent dangers of accepting ‘samples’ at your local grocery store.  In fact one our missing ‘Rules Committee’ members suffered a similar experience when sampling Dog Food for his beloved vicious pet.  The ensuing legal action resulted in a settlement that unfortunately won’t allow the substance in question to be disclosed.  Please be careful.


Anthony Garcia pleaded guilty in the case in October, admitting he contaminated a sample of the yogurt he was handing out at an Albuquerque Sunflower Market in January 2011. He was sentenced Thursday.

Garcia also admitted putting some of his semen on a plastic spoon that he placed with the yogurt. The 32-year-old then approached a female customer and offered her a sample.

The woman told police that after tasting the sample, she spit on the floor several times and wiped her mouth on the garment she was wearing to get the taste out of her mouth.

Federal prosecutors called the allegations “sickening and appalling.”

Garcia had faced up to three years in prison. –Associated Press Feb 14, 2012-03-07

  • Bagwan

    Some days are diamonds and some days are stones and some times the good times won’t leave me alone.

    And then at then end of the day you realize that the most optimistic mother-fucker in the world stuffed his plane in a cliff at the end of Monterey Bay.

    I am not mocking John Denver, I am just wondering what does it all mean.

    • zuki

      While I’ve no proof of Mr. Denver’s dealings with life’s rich pageant, but I can tell you plainly I never liked Mr. “Farrrrrr Ouuuutttt!  But for what it’s worth, he no doubt died doing something he f-ing relished! I suspect that’s the best one can hope for!

      • Bagwan

        I don’t think I agree with you that there is some consolation in one dying while doing something he loved. If you think I am not going to cry at the funeral because JJ died while dancing or you died while pounding sand up you ass — well think again Mister! In the words of Lesley Gore, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”

  • Bagwan

    Interesting that the woman recognized the taste so quickly…

    • zuki

      There is simply no accounting for taste!