DOG LOVER GETS DOWN AND DIRTY….zuki is reviled…again

Good Morning Canine Pettifrogs,

Please be advised the following article contains vile and disgusting comments.  Management is aware the content may offend the two or three of you reading this alembic thumb screw, but feel it does meet FCC standards for a ‘Public Service Announcement.’  Should you erupt into convulsions as a result of the content, please feel free to write a strongly worded letter.


A popular building superintendent at an apartment complex in New York state has been arrested on charges of bestiality involving a tenant’s Labrador retriever, The Journal News reports.

Kujtim Nicaj, who lived and worked at the Rye Colony apartment complex in Rye, N.Y., until his arrest, is also charged with burglary.

Nicaj’s lawyer, Steven Davidson, says his 41-year-old client is “humiliated” by the charges, which he denies, and is worried about providing for his wife and two kids.

The police say Nicaj allegedly broke into the tenant’s apartment with a key on Feb. 8 and sodomized the dog.

The newspaper, quoting authorities, says the incident was captured on a “nannycam” set up by the tenant, who had suspected that someone had been entering the apartment.

  • zuki

    The Baggette might be onto something here. There’s been no mention whether or not the dog had it coming. Bra & panties? Garter belts and hosiery? Was this Labrador a slut? I knew we weren’t getting the whole story! I wouldn’t put it past P.E.T.A. to stage this sick event bringing dogs into human tragedies to garner sympathy for their goofy organization. IS NOTHING SACRED?!!

    • DV ANT

      It is old Albainian custom to love dogs in this way.  you know what they say what’s meaner than a pit bull with aids? The SOB that gave it to him. 

      • zuki

        Well said Master Dv’ant.  It’s sort of like the ‘Post Turtle’ only the Turtle doesn’t get reamed!

  • Bagwan

    Well I see Zuki is engaging in that terrible habit of blaming the victim. What do you suppose that the dog was dressed provocatively? Although I would guess there are certain breeds you would not try that stuff with — a German Shepherd come to mind. Just to clarify, I am referring to the breed of dog, not the guys who herd sheep in Germany who may well be up for that type of activity.

  • zuki

    My dear fez – before you climb aboard the ole’ high horse please remember we mountain folk piss in and on the rest of you thanks to the Continental Divide!


    He just gave his “poor dog a bone!”

    Fetch MOI, fetch MOI very much.

  • fez

    We in accounts receivable are concerned about you mountain folk.  I know you’re all into woodsy owl and smokey, but damn it dogs shouldn’t be treated that way!

  • zuki

    What I want to know is what sort of dog would let a stranger bugger him up the poop shoot?  There’s more to this story than we’re being told!  Dv’ant is a dog lover to be sure and I know he does some funny things with his dogs that involve peanut butter, but seriously doubt he sodomizes them.  Having said all this, just keep in mind they don’t call him Dv’ant for nothing!

  • Bagwan

    You are always talking about DV ANT being a “dog-lover” — I sure hope this is what you were referring to.

    • Bagwan

      Oops — I meant to say that I hoped this is NOT what you were referring to.