Good Morning Margo Wherever You Are,

You can’t explain it, nor would a sane man try.  If I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes I would have called you a ‘Homer.’  We mountain folk have endured the national ridicule of someone who’d rather perform circumcisions during spring break as opposed to nailing the ‘Prom Queen!’  I know the two or three of you reading this dishabille remedy will appreciate Tim Tebow’s attention to detail but according to our own ‘Holy Fucker’ Tebow is NOT winning because he’s sitting on the right hand of God!  He also was quick to remind me Josh Daniels won his first six games before the bottom fell out.  I tried to convince him, but he’s lost touch with his spiritual side.   If one rejects the obvious and deny God’s intervention in Tebow’s current winning streak then I have the proverbial bridge to sell.   Last I saw ‘Baggie’ he was clinging to a copy of ‘Sport’s Illustrated’ with the middle pages stuck together so I assume it was the ‘Swim Suit Issue.’  Just sayin’ …

Look I’m as skeptical if not cynical as the next (obduration), but one can’t watch Tebow’s last four games and not wonder if his self proclaimed allegiance to God is actually paying dividends!  I’d bet my next slice of government cheese he indeed is “God’s Other Son” as predicted by Don Imus.  We mountain folk for whatever reason have been favored over the heathens in Philly or San Francisco and able to witness firsthand the second coming of John.  Can I have an AMEN?!!!


  • zuki

    I found the article from Baggie’s link and printed it out so I could read it without worrying about being caught on a non-work related site.  Put that together with fez’s most excellent post and with a few obvious differences the Tebow comparison to Bobby D fits.  However, and not to be deliberately contrary, Tebow’s most awkward and odd victories can be summarized by the words of the late Al Davis; “Just win, baby!”

  • fez

    The Bagwan may be the only sane observer among the contributors.  Bobby Douglass is a Chicago legend but not for his QB skills.  Douglass, at 6-4, 225, was a big guy with a strong arm but could rarely find his receivers always overthrowing them.  Sound familiar?  Coach Jim Dooley had no idea what to do with him.  Douglass told everyone (the press mainly) he was eager to learn but seemed to blow off all instruction.  He actually moved into Dooley’s home to try and absorb and learn without the typical distractions young bachelors deal with but it didn’t work.  In 1971 Douglass threw five TD passes — and 15 interceptions.

    Earlier this year Bobby busted into his ex-girl friend’s house and got arrested for criminal trespassing and malicious damage to property.  I’m not sure Zuki’s reference to Tebow being guided from on high is going to get traction, but we in accounts receivable thought it was funny.

    • Bagwan

      Thanks for the support fez. One think with Tim is that we don’t have to worry about him breaking in to an ex-girlfriend’s house — at least that is until he actually gets a girlfriend.

  • Just G&P JJOOAA

    OFF-the-field… BUT… ON-the-record.
    Of course I know about John’s exploits… even witnessing them MOI-self in the now-defunct Rattlesnake Club in Cherry Creek Mall… ironically not much farther than a 60-yard pass from where John’s own steakhouse now stands!

  • Just G&P JJOOAA

    In MOI comparison of St. Timmy and St. John I only alluded to OFF-FIELD similarities.
    Shoot-to-kill MOI, shoot-to-kill MOI very much.

    • Bagwan

      Off-field you say. You then are obviously not aware of the stories of Elway’s off-field exploits.

  • Bagwan

    First off, I must have been absent the day that JJOOAA added G&P to his name. Explain please.

    Now off to the topic of the day, Tim Tebow. I don’t own a gun and in fact I never have owned one but that all ends today. I am right now getting ready for a visit to the Gun Room in Lakewood, Colorado. Not knowing anything about guns I will have to rely on their expert advice. The only thing they need to know from me is that I don’t want to wound anyone, I want to shoot to kill.

    My targets are going to be anyone and everyone who compares Tim Tebow to John Elway. In case you didn’t notice the two morons who posted before me both alluded to “John.” The King Kocksucker of all these fucking idiots is a local sports reporter by the name of Woody Paige. At one point in his career Woody was considered a rising star and had been commissioned to write about more than just sports. Woody’s journalist foray outside of sports all ended on 1/28/86. That was the day Woody was supposed to be reporting on the launch of the Challenger and didn’t show up.
    You see Woody being smarter than everyone else had read the morning weather reports, decided that they would postpone the launch one more day and headed out on his own personal vacation day in Florida. In the words of Rick Perry —Oops!

    John Elway was the #1 pick in the 1983 draft, which is still considered the greatest QB draft in the history of the NFL. He was the prototypical pro QB with size, mobility, intelligence and a howitzer for a right arm. He was considered a can’t miss player who in fact did not miss. In his second year he led the Broncos to a 14-2 record and the playoffs. The rest as they say is history with 5 Super Bowl appearances (2 wins) and a first year election to the Hall of Fame.

    Tebow was considered a project at best by knowledgeable NFL experts. He was drafted by Josh McDaniels who has never been considered a knowledgeable NFL expert. He is built like a fullback, he runs like a fullback and he even throws like a girl fullback. I will admit that there have been some weird things going on like last night for instance. The Broncos had 9 possessions start at or near the 50 yard line and the next John Elway got the team a total of 3 points on those nine possessions. The defense kept the Broncos in the game by scoring a TD themselves and by allowing the Jets only 10 points. Then with 5 minutes left the Broncos get the ball on their own 5 and drive the length of the field to win the game. Divine intervention or the league is just in the process of figuring out how to defend a fullback masquerading as a QB — I am not sure which.

    You want to compare him to somebody then try this:

  • Just G&P JJOOAA

    I think the Divine Connection is a bit of a stretch… but… one cannot deny that Timmy Me Boi is channeling someone who has been there before.

    I watched the game at MOI usual haunt… sound on… and am STILL excited this morning!

    Even though I watched the post-game “big table” interview and the presser with the sound off, I was amazed at how well Timmy handled those duties… he was a comfortable and as engaging as John Boi had been with the same panel of commentators BEFORE  the game (also viewed sans sound)… with the inquisitors cracking up as Timmy answered questions/comments (after intently leaning in to hear them), much as they had with John.

    Then, in the presser, another engaging performance… confident and congenial the entire time!

    See Timmy run… Run, Timmy, run!!!