WTF! POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IN HELL….zuki weeps for grandson

Good Morning Citizens,

Gee, What Do We Do With All This Stimulus Money? The Omaha (Neb.) Public School system spent $130,000 of its stimulus grant recently just to buy 8,000 copies of the book “The Cultural Proficiency Journey: Moving Beyond Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School Change” — that is, one copy for every single employee, from principals to building custodians. Alarmingly, wrote an Omaha World-Herald columnist, the book is “riddled with gobbledygook,” “endless graphs,” and such tedium as the “cultural proficiency continuum” and discussion of the “disequilibrium” arising “due to the struggle to disengage with past actions associated with unhealthy perspectives.” [Omaha World-Herald, 7-11-2011]

“Hope and Change?”  The above story certainly represents change, but at what cost?  There is no hope.  People are writing books creating phony pseudo sciences that include their own vocabulary for God’s sake!  Excuse my unenlightened perspective but spending $130,000 of our hard earned money on the above is one of many reasons this country will collapse from within.  We’ve got 2nd generation Muslim congress members railing against Bills that require U.S. judges to apply the law based on the US Constitution!   The two or three of you reading this blatherskite will no doubt see in your lifetimes some form of Sharia law be weaved into a state’s set of laws!  GOD FORBID WE PUT UP A NATIVITY SCENE at a precinct fire house, but have no problem adopting laws based on the Koran. 

Where do these people come from?  How has their minds morphed into gelatinous goo seeing our country as the bad guys on a ‘Crusade’ to bury the world’s non-believers?  The above news story is how it happens.  Children are being taught fractionalized history from losers and minorities with agendas.  I always thought the winners wrote the history books, but it seems we’ve become a nation of wimps and pussy’s incapable of making a stand.  I think it was Winston Churchill that said “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” I can’t comprehend what our beloved country will look like when Quinn (3 yr old grandson) reaches adulthood.  I indeed weep for him.


  • Tammy

    Zuki your bigotry knows no bounds!  The tortured souls trapped in bodies that are genetically counter to who they are need your understanding, not your piling on you smug son of a bitch!  People like you make me sick

  • Bagwan

    Sorry to hear about Nasty’s ass and the data strings. I have no idea what that means but it doesn’t sound good. I wonder if the Hallmark people make a card for that.

  • Always ANONYMOUS

    Peni from Vag!?!?
    MOI MOI, MOI MOI very much.

  • zuki

    Yes I’ve noticed the duplication and have already mentioned it to the ‘Diatribe’s I.T. guy.  Nasty is up to his ass in data strings so we’re at the mercy of his benevolence and spare time. 

    In my mind your observations regarding Chaz is right on topic!  Here’s another example of this country imploding.  Tell me how anyone creating a penis from a vagina qualifies as a star?  The fact he/she is the off-spring of Sonny & Cher is the only claim to notoriaty and is a pathetic statement on what the producers feel is worthy.  I hope the fat assed transgendered moron breaks a kneecap.

  • Bagwan

    When I posted the comment on Chaz Bono I had pictures of Chaz and John Candy. When it posted it picked up an image from a prior post of mine and dropped Chaz — Zuki can get your people on this ?

    Anyway here hopefully is a picture of Chaz

  • Bagwan

    Chaz Bono (daughter/son of Sonny/Cher) has been named a contestant on the next version of Dancing with the Stars. This is of course relevant because some are demonstrating a lack of tolerance on this whole transgender thing. We here at the Diatribe have proved our tolerance on this issue with our warm acceptance of the kind views of Tammy.

    I have two questions about Chaz: under what definition of the word “Star” does he qualify ? And when he chose to be a man, how did he come to pick John Candy ?

  • fez

    zuki it’s good to see you back on your soapbox.  The PC “enlightened” elite are convinced the USA needs to share its wealth with the world.  Yet they write a book that undermines the basic premise of how our country works, then put the proceeds in their pocket and live in the house on the hill.  This hypocrisy has no bounds 

  • Bagwan

    “The continuum describes a range of behaviors from destructiveness, the denial and suppression of a people’s culture, to proficiency, the acknowledgment and elevation of all cultures. The behaviors identified on the continuum are not fixed points; rather, each descriptive point represents an array of practices and policies that characterize a developmental stage or phase of social competence.”

    I found this on the Web and I now understand how Zuki’s panties got in a bunch. What self respecting curmudgeon is going to want to move from destructiveness (the denial and suppression of people’s culture) onto proficiency (the acknowledgment and elevation of all cultures) ?

    On the other hand, maybe it was learning in school that people of my culture tended to be no good, lazy drunks which led be to be a no good, lazy drunk.