WHO SAID ART WAS PASTORAL?….zuki escapes death again

Santa Fe Drive shooting death under investigation

By The Denver Post

Posted: 08/07/2011 09:28:57 AM MDT

Updated: 08/07/2011 03:56:29 PM MDT
Denver police are investigating a shooting in the 800 block of Santa Fe Drive that left one person dead early Sunday morning.

An off-duty police officer found the victim of a shooting about 2:15 a.m., the department said in a statement. The victim was taken to Denver Health Medical Center and later pronounced dead.

Officers said the shooting occurred “during a large disturbance at that same location.”

Police had not arrested, or released descriptions for, any suspects Sunday morning.

The Office of the Medical Examiner will release the victim’s identity

  • zuki

    van goughThanks fez much appreciated.  There are no rules regarding art appreciation past “I know what I like.”  AA likes to come off as a prick, and for the most part he does a great job.  But please know he’ll weep real tears when his bartender squishes a fly or spills beer.  Who knew?

  • Always ANONYMOUS

    You are wrong, Sir!
    I only cry when she squished MOI fly or spills MOI beer!

  • Bagwan

    First of all dear Seeping Sphincter I will tell you exactly who died and made me Sergeant at Alms — that would be Rudolph Valentino.
    Rudy was a uuuhuge partron of the arts and he would have made good use of all those plumbing pipes.  

  • Always ANONYMOUS

    Not only was I neutered… I was never TUTORED… in Art Appreciation, that is! 

  • fez

    I don’t understand AA’s harsh critique.  I thought zuki’s work was cool, then again I forgot AA has been neutered which would make anyone a little harsh.

  • Always ANONYMOUS

    Who died and made you Sargeant-At-Arms in the Diatribe?… oh, yeah… that’s right… it was Only Ohlaff and Only Olgah!!!
    “FIRST WARNING!” hereby officially ignored:  ZUKI’s ONLY REAL “ART” is the ART OF BULLSHIT!!!
    Notify THIS! 

  • Bagwan

    Almost Anus you are hereby notified that attacks on our genial host and his art are strictly forbidden.
    We are all gentleman here, even Tammy who mysteriously disappeared about the same time as JJ.

  • zuki

    We can always count on knowledgeable art critics such as A.A. for reasonable critiques.  His most recent motion however borders on silly and would ask everyone to regard it as an “No Mas” penis envy.  Damn shame.

  • Always ANONYMOUS

    If that masonry monstrosity is typical of the offerings of the Santa Fe “Art” District… then I propose staging a Valentine’s Day-style massacre in which we line up ALL of the “Artists”!… I got it!… we’ll even turn the event into a fund-raiser where each participant donates $5/bullet (or 5 for $20) to a chartiy to-be-named-later!!!   

  • Bagwan

    This shooting took place about a half wedge from Zuki’s new studio. Based on time and location, the likelihood that this is the result of Hispanic gang activity is 100%. I think the headline of this post should have read:


    Just a couple of weeks ago the Sante Fe Art District posted an article on their website which started with this paragraph:
    “As many of you know, the Art District on Santa Fe is in the heart of a major transformation. What was once a pretty tough neighborhood became the Art District on Santa Fe, but the members are not resting until the district becomes a premier art destination. Currently, thousands of people descend on the district for the monthly First Friday Art Walks, but we want to see people flock to Sante Fe drive every day. We want people to come to the district the other 353 days of the year.”

    All I can say is thank god for the transformation, if it used to be a tougher neighborhood than this I don’t think our boy would survive.

  • zuki

    There were several of you that questioned my decision to renew my passion for art, particularly when I rented studio space in the “Santa Fe Art District.”  Those of you from the Denver area know it’s an island surrounded by ‘Gang Central!’  Early Sunday a stray bullet hit the upper floor of studios shattering a window.  I happened to be working when the shooting started and ran (okay hobbled) upstairs to street level to catch a glimpse of the gangland shoot out.  I opened the door from the inside and screamed as loud as I could “Can’t we all just get along?” and was immediately fired upon from both sides!  When the smoke cleared I had received a minor flesh wound from flying glass.  For those of you who think art is for sissies and you know who you are, let this be a lesson to you.