FRESNO–ARMPIT OF CALIFORNIA….zuki to witness historic wedding

Good Morning Willowwackers,

Just a note:  I will be traveling to Fresno, CA. this weekend.    This location can’t be high on anyone’s list of places to visit and if the two or three of you reading this head of lettuce have ever been there, Modesto, or Stockton it’s pretty much the same scenery.  I’m going to attend my nephew’s wedding.  Normally I wouldn’t shell out $600 to attend ANY wedding!  But this wedding has a special twist that compels me to invest.  My brother is a devout Mormon and young Andrew like his uncle is most definitely not.  While hearsay,  the word is that from his father’s side of the family only me and my sons were invited.

There’s going to be a big party in the back yard of his Mother-in-law and from what I understand the alcohol will be flowing in mass quantities which has rankled my brother and his lovely bride.  This little soirée has the potential to produce moments that could only be staged by the WWF!  When you combine this with the introduction to Andrews attractive mom in law (available) I’m almost certain there’ll be history made in the zuki clan.

I will endeavor to keep you posted when possible.  If not there’ll be a full accounting first of next week.

Happy Trails,


  • FresYes

    Fresno kicks ass! Skip the wedding and come check out the 9/11 Truth street action at Riverpark…

  • Bagwan

    Zuki is right, there really isn’t much to recommend Fresno. The only thing worse than going to Fresno is going to Fresno in the summer.
    An important function of the Diatribe is to educate. So in that spirit I share this little tidbit with you: Fresno has a very large Armenian population. You can tell if someone is Armenian because their last name will rhyme with Armenian — like Jerry Tarkanian, who played and coached basketball at Fresno State.

    That is my contribution to “you learn something new everyday.”

  • Always ANONYMOUS


    Don’t be fooled!… ZUKI has proably ALREADY concocted some false, fantastical, frollicingly-freaky, Fresno-ized fable recounting his “LOST WEEKEND” in “glowing terms”… irregardless of what ACTUALLY takes place!!!

    Consider yourselves warned!