YET ANOTHER ROAD TRIP – zuki and cush on a mission from god

Good Morning Sacagawea Wherever You Are,

As the horrific events in Japan continue to unfold I think it important not to lose sight of the many ‘little’ tragedies going on all around us. We (the royal we) tend to focus on headlines, sound bites, and 10 seconds of video for our in depth news. Our collective guard has let down because talking heads and pundits are on point to remind us what we should think. Don’t get me wrong, I feel damn awful about the nuclear winds blowing our way, but for Hell’s sake wake up and smell the vitriol! Our very own American culture is under full scale attack! It’s being eroded away by rivers of political correctness and has a collective hand out seeking its own brand of “Bread and Circuses.” I know this sounds a bit harsh depending on the time of day, but there are other major problems that need to be addressed. For the two or three of you reading this epicene it may surprise you to know I plan on taking a road trip. Utilizing much of the old ‘Oregon Trail,’ my goal is to see for myself and determine just how much of our American culture still remains. Essentially I’m on a “Mission from God.”

This coming weekend I’ll be calling upon the services of a professional truck driver (Cush) to handle the heavy machinery while I take photos and copious notes for the next posting. It’s important I don’t miss the little details that serve as indicators for either good or evil. Not since the 2004 trip to ‘Vegas’ for ‘Lebowski Fest’ has there been this much excitement! That said, Cush has assured me he’ll throttle back should we encounter a ‘white out’ as opposed to Poo’s decision seven years ago to invite death by driving 110 mph with zero visibility.

In spite of the important work we’ll be doing, I have two primary concerns: First and probably most likely, is the issue of Cush’s peremptory behavior. His lack of conversation skills will no doubt surface in an 8.5 hour first leg. There is no possibility of escape so the quote attributed to Clausewit’s works ‘On War,’ “The best defense is a good offense” strategy will be adopted; purely for my own sanity. This leads to my second primary concern. Given Cush’s volatile nature and my insistence not to be verbally run over could quite possibly lead to my abandonment. Given there’s little if any wireless services in Rawlings, WY Cush has threatened to force me out at mile marker 247 some 36 miles from a pay phone!

The inherent dangers aside, I am grateful for Cush’s help as we pursue clarity. Please bear with me on the post road trip summary as I’ll not return until the 23rd. For those that have persevered this far I would ask for spiritual support in the form of ‘Goat-footed’ smoke, prayers, chants, or other incantations on our behalf. It’s the least you can do given our sacrifice and exposure to certain danger!

See you a bit further down the road!


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