TED WILLIAMS IS ONE OF US – zuki buys powerball ticket

Good Morning Victims of Supplication,

The extremes to which people will go to secure an uncertain future are beyond my ability to comprehend. The underpinning of life’s rich pageant is based solely on man’s ability to adapt or change when required or necessary. This accommodation of both adversity and unexpected joy is what makes this country great! We’ve heard countless stories about everyday Americans who’ve rebounded from affliction and misery to become stronger; yes even better than their previous lives. We’ve also witnessed the same humble Americans in spite of horrendous odds discover a vein of gold or win the lotto changing their lives forever. The fact is we have little control over life changing events and the reality is we’re all subject to the grind of day to day save a few moments for daydreaming.

I’d be lying if I said I was happy for the two assholes that won the 350 million ‘Mega-Millions’ jackpot!
With the exception of Dv’ant and perhaps Bagwan, I’m sure the two winners are as deserving as anyone but damn, it was my fucking turn! All I can hope for is that the hayseeds will succumb to con men or scheming financial planners.

Jackpot probability/odds:
“The number of ways the 5 numbers on your lottery ticket can match the 5 white balls is COMBIN(5,5) = 1. The number of ways your Powerball number can match the single Powerball number is: COMBIN(1,1) = 1. The product of these is the number of ways you can win the Jackpot: COMBIN(5,5) x COMBIN(1,1) = 1. The probability of success is thus: 1/195,249,054 = 0.000000005121663739+. If you express this as “One chance in ???”, you just divide “1” by the 0.000000005121663739+, which yields “One chance in 195,249,054.”

There’ll be other lotteries so I continue to ‘abide’ certain my day will come before the ‘Death Clock’ strikes midnight. I got to thinking about how I might significantly change the odds in my favor. But after hours of contemplation I’ve decided the above is tantamount to scaling a 50 foot wall without the benefit of toe holds or grappling hooks. Look I’m not so proud as to ignore the occult or spiritual edge many poor souls adhere to but don’t wish to be caught up in the labyrinth of religious systems or specious arguments designed to empty my already empty pockets. Yet leaning on some unsuspecting ‘Shaman’ or holy man in the quest for such selfishness is absurd and too impious, so again nothing is resolved!

Surprisingly I woke up this morning and with a heavy sigh of resignation accepted the desolation that is my life. Determined to make the best of it and after a humble breakfast of coffee, dry toast, and oatmeal I walked to the nearby Safeway and bought another ‘Powerball’ ticket.

I know I know…..shut up already….a man can dream can’t he?


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