RABBITS BREED AGAINzuki seeks new opportunity

Good Morning Wabbits,

Technology continues to astound and amaze. I read an article that discussed how scientists have figured out a way to grow penises from scratch! The process involves “growing erectile tissue on a bioengineered scaffold of collagen where cells of penile tissue were grown. When the creations took on the right shape, they were grafted onto rabbits that had their penises removed. After the transplants, the rabbits were able to breed … like rabbits.”


I think this is important work! I hope our Dv’ant reads this if for nothing else encouragement! Several years ago his already modest pecker was mauled and bitten in half (he claims accidentally) by his vicious dog. He says it’s no big deal, and certainly nobody would argue that, but think of the possibilities! I’ve already volunteered to install the ‘Whopper’ (still in negotiations with Burger King) a 12” X 4” (girth) capable of prolonged recreational use. I’ve been told the waiting list may take me out of the running given my age, but I remain hopeful.

My attorneys have drafted an agreement directed at the laboratory and doctors for the rights to develop a commercial line of functional yet removable penises that easily attach and detach without the cumbersome straps. I’ve submitted half-dozen drawings (to scale) each one to provide a unique experience for the recipient.

1. “The Auger” capable of bringing any woman out of frigidity
2. “The Tickler” a throwback to vending machines
3. “Jackhammer” hybrid pulsing pecker
4. “Expander” much like dogs, it expands inside partner’s receptacle until YOU’RE ready!
5. “Telescopic” is adjustable to suit the situation
6. “The Microphone” for partners trying out for American Idol

This is just the tip (sorry) of the iceberg! I’m so excited my bowels actually moved! However, like most of my endeavors it will require money. I approached my sometime business partner Just jabbing, and as usual all I got were questions about specifics! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve explained that I’m a ‘Big Picture’ guy and it’s his job to iron out details. Nevertheless he has a mild interest and promised to get back to me. Unfortunately by the time he comes back with a deal that essentially cuts me out completely, the business will have evaporated. WE MUST ACT NOW!!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and only serious inquiries please. I only need $2.3 million so make it snappy!


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