DOESNT EVERYBODY LIKE ME – zuki girds up loinsagain

Good Morning; Let’s sit down and Reason Together,

Inadvertently my meanderings through ‘Life’s rich pageant’ have become of interest to the darker side of goofy. I’ve received both praise and threats to my life. Prowling through downtown blues clubs in the wee hours are at times exciting, but I’m not sure what that really says about you. I say it’s a little more interesting than going for coffee unless of course you’re on that second cup. Not wanting to be accused of ‘twittering’ I made sure this posting went beyond the 140-character limit. Prick.

I suppose it’s natural to hope everybody will like us. It’s possible isn’t it? Of course not, that’s beyond naïve; nobody likes everybody except perhaps Cush. He’s the one living human being remotely close, and seems genuine to me. For whatever reason, there’s always going to be prime assholes in our collective lives that challenge us. Doesn’t matter really, take your pick: Job, red neck idiots, obnoxious drunks, trivia, and women can turn ugly without notice.

From what primordial slime it came from I can’t say. It’s our nature to be competitive. Looking back, most of my moments of belligerence were avoidable had I been less eager to prove I still got it. I know it’s hard for many of you to believe, but I’m certain I’ve played the role of asshole for someone else. Don’t snicker; you’ve all played that role, no doubt better than I do! My point being, most of it is unnecessary. Yet as obvious as that is, we’re still compelled to best the other person to satisfy this ancient survival skill that snatches the only parking space left by cutting off the jerk in the Audi. Let’s face it; we that dwell on the dark side of goofy will always have detractors, yet it can’t possibly matter to a curmudgeon!

Shit yes! Sucker punch that son of a bitch and then run like hell.


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