A STUNNING BEAUTY – zuki falls hard

Good Morning Joyous Ones,

I want to first of all apologize for my neglect these few days, but I’ve used my writing time for pithy commentary in hopes of snagging an introduction. It works but one must be diligent and take rejection well. I’m willing to do this because I want something more than a date and found a venue where one can work the law of large numbers. I know for a fact, this expression for a woman I’ve only just met will no doubt be an easy target but know most of you will do the right thing. I proffer this disclaimer as a reminder to all; that withdrawing oneself from love comes at a great price. I must warn you that the following tribute gets pretty mushy so proceed at your own risk:

I’d forgotten, no, not forgotten rather these feelings simply atrophied from neglect. To laugh at shared moments over a good wine, hold a woman in your arms her warm skin soft against my own, gazing into her eyes caringly taking in her face is heaven on earth. This warm fuzzy is not for just the young, but I’d talked myself into believing that. Last night was a re-awakening, leaving me energized and sleepless. Yet I don’t feel tired at all! Thinking about it, I spent the evening with a woman my age but saw only a young vibrant intelligent stunning female. I kept looking into her eyes and it reminded me of that tired and overused statement, “The eyes are the window to the soul” but only now understand. Look, I don’t have any illusions about this as the odds are remote at best, but I know one thing; I enjoyed very much the feeling of being sixteen again head over heels and falling hard.


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