TRUTH IN JEST – JJ must step forward

Good Morning Nefarious Infidels,

Surveying 100 people randomly in the streets of a major city (500,000 plus people), asking who was more creative; Woody Allen or Mel Brooks, it would be a tossup. I think the both of them are comedic geniuses, yet, there’s a difference in presentation I cherish. The two of them collaborated with Sid Ceaser to create the “Show of Shows” becoming a #1 TV show in the early 50’s. The Jewish-ness aside, it was clever writing and most times funny. It still translates today if one happens to be over sixty and still enjoys a well timed fart!

Writing anything is to describe something. It can either be informative, funny, or boring. Rarely does it involve all three. Yet once in our lifetimes we’re allowed to observe Picasso while he fusses over a coffee stain, allowing us a rare glimpse at genius.

Acknowledging the two or three of you reading this run-on sentence, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the ‘comments’ from Just Joe of late. His remarks are caustic, yet outside of me, one never feels like he’s being anything but tongue n cheek and ‘just kidding.’ However, the book “Truth in Jest” written by Dr. Helen Rubenstein PhD., continues to haunt me. Essentially the book outlines how all of us at times will insult a friend or colleague under the guise of ‘just kidding.’ As long as you smile when calling them a wretched cock sucker, how could they be offended?

In an effort to do the right thing, I must respond to the half dozen of you that have personally asked me to encourage Just Joe to put pen to paper. I would have asked him in private, but it seems you want more of him and less of me. While it pisses me off I rarely get such praise, I do pay attention to my ratings. JJ…I suspect you may read this challenge, if so, I’d consider it an honor if you’d condescend to write an observation or two; not for me, rather for your adoring fans.


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