AMERICAS OBSESSION – iran does the moonwalk

Good Morning Jihadists,

While the Michael Jackson drama continues, the turmoil in Iran has backed out of the spotlight much to the delight of that asshole Ahmadinejad. While old man Jackson is promoting his own gig during questioning by reporters desperate for something new, the revolution is being brutally snuffed by the “gaping asshole” running the show in Iran. Sadly the Khamemei, the official ‘holy fucker’ or Supreme Leader has decided to support (like he has a choice) the little twerp Ahmadinejad. People are being shot, or cracked in the head with rifle butts then dragged off and tortured. This is going on while millions of lost souls including the media vy for 8,500 tickets or congregate at ‘Never Land’ hoping for just a glimpse of MJ’s glove. Have you seen the clips of mourners? Most of them are sobbing fat women who are convinced MJ was sending love vibes their way. They empty their savings to get from places like Altoona, PA to Santa Barbara just to let MJ know their love still lives on! Meanwhile political opposition in Iran is quietly having their throats slit.

I find it ironic though that around this time in 1988 the USS Vincennes blew an Iranian airliner with 238 people aboard right out of the sky. Depending on who you believe, this was a tragic accident yet the US blamed the Iranian pilot who refused to respond to warnings. Good plan; no witnesses.

I heard MJ’s music, I saw the moonwalk and Captain Eo, and yes he was a talented pedophile, but good God are we so empty and shallow we must cling to a dead pop star missing a nose? Good news for little boys everywhere, yet with the exception of Quincy Jones, the African American community would tell you to forget his little peccadilloes and focus on his body of work. Certainly his impact was second only to the Beatles upon their respective generations. Shit, his albums of 28 years ago are once again atop the pop charts. The Beatles never matched that either from separation or the deaths of John and George. Did I miss something? Was I working too hard? How is it our country is obsessed by this bizarre icon? “icon (from the Greek “image”) is a religious work of art, most commonly a painting, from Eastern Orthodox Christianity. More broadly the term is used in a wide number of contexts for an image, picture, or representation; it is a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing it either concretely or by analogy, as in semiotics.” If I understand, and I think I do, iconoclasm is far stronger a life force than realists living at street level. It’s clear I must let this go and continue tilting at windmills; ‘kicking against the pricks,’ yet I remain conflicted.

Why is the ongoing zoo that is life after MJ more interesting than a country willing to host a nuclear brunch with the west while Iranian students rise up against a fixed election? I suppose the two or three of you reading this Couscous forgot it’s our annual celebration of kicking King George’s ASS!!! Yet a day doesn’t go by without the latest news of MJ’s Mother, his idiot Father, or the natural mother who sold her right to custody and now suddenly interested in her children. None of it is worth bellybutton-lint when compared to the inevitable bushwhacking we’re going to get from a suicide bomber. It’s simply a matter of when not if!

Yes it’s good to see Reverend Sharpton hasn’t missed a single press conference to deliver the fervent message of virtue so exemplified by the Jackson family. These pressing issues revolving around MJ’s death are of great import deserving of our close attention. So please don’t worry about the screaming tortured bodies mutilated at the hands of the “Supreme Leader.” Eventually it will die down and you’ll barely hear the bleeding. That truly is ‘Never Land’


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