ZUKI FINDS HIGHER GROUND – let god sort it out

Good Morning Sirens of Exigency,

Look, I don’t want to sound like “Chicken Little” and overstate things. Lord knows we have enough bluster and bullshit to feed Africa, but things have gotten a bit strange. I haven’t seen my rotund stalker for two days! I’m afraid to get my hopes up. To even entertain the idea she may have kneeled on her sword, is so juicy. Let’s just say I’m quietly optimistic. But my sense of things anchored in tortured experience says she’s collecting cans and saving up. Shit. Still consulting with my attorney, we continue to weigh the odds for winning a ‘self-defense’ based argument. I don’t want it coming back on me should she suffer an unfortunate accident and be without alibi. My very words will be considered key evidence, so it’s not a decision I take lightly. Yet, I can’t remember two days without her phony laughter; it was so good.

Honestly I don’t wish this person physical harm unless of course it’s God’s will. Then ultimately she’ll fall into the hands of freaks convinced they are ‘God’s Vehicle’ and executioner. So after lengthy discourse with Just JOE (only one with a grasp) we’ve decided to let her live. However I’m going to put my foot down on one thing; I’ll not tolerate her constant begging for beer! THAT’S MY JOB!


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