EVEN DVANT HAS A MOTHER – zuki contemplates the irony

5Good Morning Mothers Milk,

While my relationship with most of you has been relegated to “Uncle Mike,” it’s been my hope the experience hasn’t been a bad one. The young grandchildren are typically afraid of me given my infrequent visits, but was touched by the generational observations concerning ‘motherhood.’ I felt compelled to write about something I know little about so I ask your indulgence, because I’d like to tell you about my mother.

My earliest memories of her were of laughter and joy; something exciting was always percolating. As did many Christian families we practiced at being Christ-like and taught right from wrong. Today Harvard Business School teaches “Ethics in Business!” Think about that, one becomes a college student and doesn’t know right from wrong! Without getting preachy I think that speaks for itself. I know many of you mothers have committed to forgo or delay a professional career to raise your children sacrificing your intellect and wit to the cause. My mother also made this decision and raised six unruly children at home. I’m forever grateful. While she’d never admit it I personally believe she was frustrated at times because she was aware of her intelligence quietly harboring aspirations. Yet she stayed the course.

When you compare Mickey Mouse, Spin and Marty, and the Bullwinkle & Rocky Show to ‘Sponge Bob,’ Family Guy, and The Simpson’s you have vastly different messages. Today’s venue for our little ones is either sickening sweat, politically correct, or just plain crass. That said, it’s important to note that I enjoy watching the crass ones, but that’s another story. Kindergarten, Cub Scouts, piano lessons, and my participation in the Alice M. Birney school band were among my earliest failures. In spite of my lack of focus and willingness to sit in the ‘Principal’s Office,’ mom found a way to defend me. I’ve never forgotten that.

I’d be embarrassed when mom came to my High School track meets, but always looked for her. Even if I couldn’t see her I could hear her openly root for me and would have been disappointed had she been absent. You normally don’t get much fanfare at the high jump pit.

Mother’s catch us in lies and other unseemly situations. This of course weighed heavily on the mind when contemplating something worthy of ‘restriction’ so I learned to cover my tracks. But she always seemed to sense when I was about to cross the line. One early morning when guilty of a curfew violation, mom came into my room and sat on the end of my bed. I pretended to be asleep. Knowing I wasn’t, she didn’t press the issue but instead opened her heart telling me how much she loved me. She went on to tell me her concerns about the road I was traveling and prayed daily for me. It wasn’t judgmental or selfish, rather a sweet and soft voice of love and concern for me. I never opened an eye but heard every word feigning sleep until she shut the door behind her.

I could write page after page of how my life was enhanced by her presence. Being Mother’s Day weekend and all I thought it appropriate to not only recognize her contribution to my life, but to all of you mother’s taking on life’s rich pageant head-on in watching over your children. If you’re even remotely as good as my mother, then truly your children are blessed. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!


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