WHERES THE MONEY LEBOWSKI – the dude finds some leads

Good Morning Victims of Circumlocution,

“You might want to watch out that window, Larry.” While only a snippet from my favorite movie the scene involving John Goodman’s character ‘Walter’ should be this year’s poster for Christmas. Fucking strangers in the ass seems to be the common thread amongst employers this year. It appears to me the largest number of layoffs and misery always comes at Christmas time. I suspect being at the end of the year has much to do with it, but nevertheless it’s one hell of a way to treat their conscientious hardworking employees. Not wanting to be accused of class envy, I’m reluctant to point out how the ‘captains of industry’ have self-administered multi-million dollar bonuses! And in most cases the ‘bailed’ out company leadership inflicted gigantic losses to their respective shareholders! How can these assholes sleep at night!? My lapses aside, I think this year has produced the most egregious offenses in recent memory! Perhaps Obama is right after all and it’s indeed time for a redistribution of wealth.

“Is that your homework Larry…?”

In thinking about the root meanings for celebrating Christmas it’s hard to believe how diluted it’s become. “Say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism Dude, at least it’s an ethos.” I think about these dick-heads demanding 10 million dollar bonuses in spite of billion dollar loses and wonder who’s going to bail me out! Proportionately I managed to lead myself into losses totaling thousands of dollars and face certain collapse if not given taxpayer support.

“…Where’s the fucking money, you little brat?”

I read the news which only serves to depress me. Outside the pleasure junkets for the AIG leadership it seems nobody is very sure what’s happened to the 700 Billion in checks already cut. Supposedly it was to prop up the banks and buy soured real estate debts. I thought it was earmarked to stimulate lending to businesses currently cut off from their normal lines of credit! Then they could continue paying employees and growing their respective companies.

“…Look Larry…..have you ever heard of Vietnam?”

Now the car manufacturers have made pleas for 25 Billion to save millions of industry related jobs. While certainly a worthy request, it’s beyond me how they waltzed into congress fresh from their corporate jets at $20K each! They had NO PLAN. They had NO CONCESSIONS FROM UNIONS. They were sent packing and told to come back with a plan of action.

“…You’re going to kill your father Larry!”

They come back and are given 15 Billion but with some strings attached. First of all it’s nothing more than a band aid. Secondly; it involves a “Car Czar” to oversee the transition of re-tooling the companies into leaner and meaner competitive concerns. Our Speaker of the House Ms. Pelosi thinks this Czar should be a bureaucrat answerable to our new President. God forbid we appoint someone like Jack Welch (former CEO of GE) that understands what it takes as opposed to a governmental nitwit. Some touchy-feely moron like Pelosi is unable to cope with the hardball tactics necessary to actually save the companies let alone talk unions into letting go employees long since fired or laid off still being paid 95% of their full salaries and benefits!! IT’S TIME FOR AUTO UNIONS TO GET THEIR HEAD’S OUT!

“…See what happens Larry?….Do you see what happens Larry?…See what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!”

Look, “I’m just saying” those of us that never finished high school don’t arbitrarily deserve to earn the same as junior executives that have paid the price to put themselves in position to lead. Having said this though, just because you’re a person with excellent business acumen and have become successful doesn’t give you the right to rape the very people that got you there. The only good that may come from all this is the realization of a happy medium.

“…Where’s the money Lebowski?”


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