SLAPPY NEARLY EXPERIENCES CONSEQUENCE – would-be brawl exposes one of our own

Good Morning Quondam Settlers of Truth,

Traumatic events typically happen suddenly with little or no warning. But other times we face dire circumstances gradually. What I mean by that is we see trouble coming and convince ourselves we’ve got time to address it later and look the other way. One of the advantages of being a member of a group that have regular dialog is you know how to push the right buttons to exact a particular reaction. Everyone could see it coming but never believed we’d see this sort of violence in our lifetimes. One of our own (Curmudgeons) faced this kind of life changing event last week and narrowly escaped accountability. The two or three of you reading this pussy willow wouldn’t be surprised to know his brush with obligation came at the hands of Bacchus. As is the case most days the rules committee had an emergency meeting at Dewey’s to discuss the current economic crisis. Initially there was a spirited interchange with the normal hyperbole but it quickly escalated from reasonable to an ugly confrontation between our Slappy and Griz. The tension created caused the entire bar to quiet and focus on ‘curmudgeon corner’ no doubt smelling blood. They didn’t have to wait long.

In a blink of an eye, our dear friend whipped out his cell phone just as Griz took a drunken swipe at the smaller more nimble associate. Ducking the blow without disengaging his ear from the phone, he called the police. As it normally does in our in-fighting the ensuing minutes that followed waiting for the cops found an apologetic Griz feeling sorry for his actions against his friend and cried to be forgiven. This sort of behavior is typical and most times all is forgotten the next day when viewed with sober perspective. But this time Griz’s humble plea was met with contempt as our highly incensed member of the rules committee directed the police officers to our grieving friend and demanded he be arrested! Speaking for the bar in general, nobody saw this coming! Seeing this side of one of the more successful members of our group was both revealing and disturbing. We watched in utter disbelief as the big man got cuffed and led out the door.

THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE! Our associate walked away unscathed and unpunished for his part in the melee and as the squad car departed, his attorney’s suddenly appeared and seemed to be taking statements. While I can’t be certain and have no direct proof I thought I saw the attorneys giving money to many patrons shocked by it all. Amazingly our beloved associate did not experience one repercussion for being drunk and disorderly. However that’s not the story here! Not only did he avoid owning up to his own complicity he really didn’t think he did anything wrong! In speaking with the Chief of Police Ed Pultey about the case, his only response was “He’s a very lucky man. Had he punched him (Griz) with the little man’s full force, he could have killed him or worse been held accountable for his actions!”

The event now being nearly a week removed, Griz made bail but there are deep divisions at curmudgeon corner and I don’t think they’ll change anytime soon as both men are proud and refuse to give an inch. Slappy is still pressing charges because the vast majority witnessing the bizarre swing and a miss remembers that night quite differently than I do. Without calling anyone a liar I did refuse to take money for interpreting the events a bit differently. But to be completely honest here, they flat out didn’t offer enough money because I can always be bought.

I approached Slappy yesterday and asked him how he feels about the chasm created due in large part to his bullying of our dear friend. With a knowing smirk he said, “I’m just grateful I can get back to my life as an egocentric horses ass bent on silencing the stupid.” While a noble cause to be sure, it serves notice to the rest of us that power and money will win out over righteous indignation every time!


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