ZUKI GETS SACKEDAGAIN – being smart ass boosts value

Good Morning Pleonastic Ones,

Just when I was about to set a new (recent) record for continuous employment I was given the ole heave-ho! Getting sacked has now become routine. I’m certain there’s a few of you that have similar records, but this time the reasons defy logic. It would have been eight months next week. Normally one thinks of mass layoffs or incompetence as reasons for dismissal, not for being successful! Yet that is what precisely happened. I developed a strategy that brought prospects to our door and closed a goodly portion of them. After putting up record numbers the last 90 days my former employer decided he didn’t need me or my peers and intends to implement the plan himself! He’s already got more money than God, but suspect he’ll kill the golden goose and be disappointed when the smoke clears, but that doesn’t help me pay the rent. Here I am once more.

The nice thing about developing a process though is being able to repeat it or perhaps even improve upon it. The process will work in virtually any market! Greed tends to be a characteristic shared by most people but investors will actually work up a froth allowing the hook of financial freedom to be set. It’s been 48 hours and I already got an offer to recreate the magic for a much higher level of compensation. There’ll be a few minor issues to work out, but I’ve been given the go-ahead to set it up and get it running!

It’s very cool to be in charge again.

As always I’ve appreciated the words of encouragement from the two or three of you reading this welfare check, and will continue the vigil for the lame and idiotic that beset us. However, please bear with me as to the frequency of my documentations as there is much work to do.

May the Lord take a liking to ya,


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