ZUKI EATS BAD EUPHEMISMS – shits councilors for a week

Good Morning Bumptious Sissies,

The one truth I share with my ‘group’ and as an eye witness, pain comes in many forms. Thoreau said it best, and I’m paraphrasing here but “most men live their lives in quiet desperation.” Certainly that was never truer than today’s level of misery. Two weeks ago the third councilor assigned to the “group” turned me in for being disruptive. I’ll admit to having a little fun, but never disruptive. She flat out was pissed! My innocent question hit a significant sore spot so she ratted me out. The entire chain of command in the dispensing of discipline is run by women who use M.A.D.D. as a manual to life’s rich pageant. So instead of waiting for the call from Tammy who obviously doesn’t care about my side of the story, I initiated a preemptory note:

Dear Tammy,

This note is an attempt to preempt what I gather to be another report from my newest councilor Joanne about being ‘disruptive’. It was clear she was upset about a question I asked her. It was the same question I’ve asked my previous two councilors who managed not to take it personally. I asked her (at conversational levels) if she got satisfaction from her job even though attendees are forced to be there. This came after my attempt to be funny by introducing myself as Marzuki, which by-the-way is my Malaysian name, but evidently she took umbrage and threatened me with expulsion. Those two issues were the crux of her complaint regarding being disruptive. I suspect Joanne is a bit thin skinned.

Please understand that since our last discussion I felt I’ve done well. Further if one is going to discuss disruptive behavior I think you should address the fact that profanity is tolerated in the group. I’ve never once used foul language or singled anyone out with disparaging remarks. I participated in all the activities that evening so I’m at a loss with the term disruptive as used by Joanne.

I have 11 weeks to go and really don’t want to run afoul with the system. In that spirit please don’t ask me questions or to participate in ongoing discussions because I’m predisposed to telling you what I think as opposed to a simple nod of agreement. I promise to be diligent in regard to Joanne’s sensitive nature and keep my comments to a minimum, but please let Joanne know not to ask me questions unless I have permission to express how I honestly feel. Otherwise I’m not going to put myself in a position to be expelled.

Just living life is complicated enough without having to worry about this shit! Yet the experience has confirmed what I’ve said all along about the term ‘passive aggressive.’ I have perfected it! Having said that though, the challenge remains not to provoke the matriarchy into prolonging my torturous ‘therapy.’ The fact they use the term therapy instead of punishment might be amusing if it weren’t so pathetic. These sad euphemisms created by M.A.D.D. and actually written into our laws, is one more reason Great Grandpa was wise and opposed the 19th Amendment. He knew better.

I’m positive there are women who also believe things have gone too far and I don’t mean to imply all women seek to be Joan of Ark, but my particular hell is run by short fat women with vindictive agendas. Joan of Ark was a martyr and burned to death for her beliefs. The women masquerading as councilors not only profit from court mandated ‘therapy’ but able to direct and control the punishment as well. This is hardly worthy of martyrdom! Joan must be spinning!!!


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