ZUKI SERVES HIS COUNTRY – but its the only clean spot

Good Morning Patriots,

As I was reflecting on this past weekends troubled events, I thought back to my experiences while at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. During the Vietnam era, being a GI grunt was not popular with our peers as the war became an ever increasing liability for the government. Women my own age tended to shun me which got me down at times. There just wasn’t any disguising the fact I was Army. I lived off base which was an experiment at the time that allowed Army personnel a chance to get out of the barracks. Three of us rented a three bedroom house and really enjoyed ourselves to the extent it made us feel like normal people.

On a fall weekend, one of my roommates and I decided that we were going to shut down every bar in Fountain until we got laid. This proved to be a bigger challenge than I’d first thought. Few women were to be found let alone one I felt attractive enough to have the honor of my company. Six hours later, with last call looming, the only two women left. Sadly we zero’d in on approximately 600 lbs of fun sitting at the table next to us. They’d been flirting with us most the evening, and it came down to this; either another frustrated trip back home to face the dirty sock, or go for it and hope my appendage didn’t fall off. We elected to have them follow us back to the house each of us swearing silence by our very lives! No one could know!

It was almost dawn with the first slivers of light piercing through the curtains, allowing enough illumination to actually see. I rolled over and faced the behemoth. Good God! What had I done? If anyone saw her in my room, I’d forever be ridiculed beyond endurance. As I continued to reel from the horror of the beast lying next to me, I began to focus on her corpulent, porcine rolls of flesh. It was difficult to tell where her breasts ended and her rolls of fat began. I became nauseated, as my gag reflex nearly overpowered me. I stared at her saucer-sized nipples, and noticed a visible ring around each one of them. OH MY GOD!! The only clean spot on her body were the areas I’d been sucking on!

I choked back the bitter vomit, grabbed her clothes and yanked her from her drunken slumber. “What is it:”? “Can I shower”? NO! You have to leave now! Fearing my roommate would awaken at any moment, I literally drug her outside flinging her bra, panties, and shoes then locking the door behind me. I proceeded to take a 45 minute shower in scalding water trying to scrub myself clean followed by the burning of my sheets. The trauma took years to get over. Yes, I did serve my country, but in very non-traditional ways. Jeez.

Have a Great Weekend,

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