ZUKI TAKES THE LONG WAY – splinters in the ass

Good Morning and Welcome to another Supplication,

In spite of the fact curmudgeons in general tend to be cautious and slow to acknowledge their emotions, I enjoyed seeing the rules committee last night. While my situation seems to be improving daily, but logistically work has prevented me from attending meetings to insert my views on terribly inane topics. Perhaps it’s been a blessing but that’s an unfolding story and remains to be seen. I’ve missed the quick-witted banter and domination of the trivia board. For those two or three of you reading this flowing sap trivia remains one of the last bastions of competition left to me without physical commitment. I take it seriously and would love nothing better than to win each and every game! I’ve been accused of being a zealot and admonished to get a life from my fellow competitors, but they’re all full of poop! Not one of them would let their own mother win! Like ‘Cheers,’ there’s a certain feeling of home when you enter that place “where everyone knows your name.” It provides a certain comfort or safe haven from the day to day dealing with strangers and assholes bent on making one’s life miserable. I try and stay numb to it, but kicking against the pricks has become a fulltime endeavor. So my brief visits to this place are a premium and provides a needed respite from my tormentors.

After thrashing Lil’s AGAIN I ended up golfing with my eldest son. It was a fine spring afternoon and I played reasonably well given my normal hack and slash style. We had a beer in the club house and finished off a superb day. However, the woman tending the bar/lunchroom seemed to be giving me the eye as each time we exchanged glances she smiled. She is very attractive. A blonde with very long tanned legs and above average breasts obviously holding up well against time and gravity dazzled me with her smile. Trish with skill and subtlety inserted herself in our conversation until it was quite clear to everyone in the clubhouse she was interested in ole zuki. Nasty had to leave to attend a significant event in his lover’s life and excused himself leaving me without a ride but with Trish getting off work in the next 30 minutes the possibilities were boundless.

Trish drives a Porsche she says her ex-husband ‘donated’ after she caught him in bed naked with a younger woman. Evidently she got everything but his balls! Had they been detachable I’m sure she’d have got them as well. The top was down and I really loved the sound of Trish going through the gears; wind rushing by at 80mph. We got to her Ken Carle town home in minutes. She invited me in and got me a beer then immediately excused herself to shower. While the water was running I was looking around her living room and noticed a set of lithographs she’d hung on the wall. I suppose one could make the argument the prints were of a religious Judea-Christian nature, but still found it odd. The three lithographs had the look of old parchment with the imagery in subtle tones of ochre and brown. Each print used Noah’s Ark parked on Mt. Ararat with flood waters giving way to dry land as background. In the foreground were animals engaged in coitus with obvious grins and contortions on their faces! Two lions, two elephants, and Noah giving it to his wife hard filled the frame. On the opposite wall was another lithograph with the same motif and coloration depicting Noah with fiendish looking smile sporting a 10” boner standing over his wife lying on her back, legs spread, shooting at least thirty winged cherub-like babies from her womb! I was highly impressed.

Trish weaved her way through traffic as we headed to “The Olde Towne Tavern” which happens to be her special sanctuary, and most certainly EVERYONE indeed knew her name! Even though she was driving aggressively she managed to massage my ‘Johnson’ and within seconds……”SCHWING”….Trish introduced me to a half-dozen of her friends and it seemed to me without exception they all were giving me a knowing smile with a wink as if they understood something. I got nervous when a patron in the back playing pool yelled “Hey Trish who’d you drag in tonight?” Everyone chortled but Trish kept telling me to pay them no mind. The tavern is small so the discussions tended to involve the entire patronage limiting my commentary and my chances of getting a Noah-like grin in front of Trish. As the evening ground into late night I became crapulous and no doubt a bit too loud. It was time to close the deal as my blonde seductress was all over me. She wrapped both arms around my neck and stuck her tongue in my ear throatily telling me she wanted me to “fuck” her. It was way past ‘get a room’ as the obvious urgency tented my crotch. With the tavern faithful as audience, Trish unzipped my fly and freed a throbbing oblation to a round of applause. I thought she wanted me to complete what we started at her place, but she was going to do this thing RIGHT NOW!

Trish stood up and cleared the table. She removed her cut-offs and lay on her back yanking her tee shirt over her breasts pulling me to her; ass exposed to the gleeful crowd. I was well beyond the point of return and began in earnest. Slowly at first, then picked up the pace and built a rhythm that maximized our pleasure. As one might imagine I didn’t notice the patrons had quietly backed away to their original spots leaving a not seen before big ass dude swearing at the both of us. “Trisha you %@#!!!^ WHORE!!!….I leave town for one @!!%^&& day and you’re fucking this asshole at the bar!” While pulling my pants up I began to offer an explanation but was quickly told to “shut the fuck up!” This mountain of a man snapped open a stiletto blade and warned I’d be taken care of soon and turned his attention back to Trish. I finished buckling my belt and never hesitated. I bolted for the door and was on the dead run for two full blocks before I realized I wasn’t being pursued.

It truly is amazing at what the body can do when properly motivated. That said though, I may never walk again.


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